Do you want to market your brand using Twitter?

If yes. You are at the right place.

Twitter Basic Setup – before your start marketing

  1. Add Your Photo: Replace the default egg – with a good picture – your own or your brand’s.

  1. Your Twitter Profile Info: Update your bio including your name (write it in Title Case. Use this app to convert your words into title case – here and anywhere else). Keep it brief. Add your website URL if you have one. In your bio, talk about yourself and your work. Use 2-3 words to depict yourself. Also write what you are going to tweet about. My personal twitter account is here – Twitter account for All Out Digital is here – Both of these should give you some idea. Also check tweets by one of my favorite tweep (a user on twitter) –

  1. Security: Activate 2-factor authentication to make your twitter account secure. It links your twitter account to your mobile phone.

Twitter Basics

    1. An update you post on Twitter is known as a tweet.
    2. When you share someone else’s tweet it is known as a re-tweet.
    3. You can also favorite someone tweet but pressing a button under the tweet.
    4. A single tweet is same a single page. It has its own link. If you click on a timestamp you will see this link. Here is how a single tweet looks.


  1. Twitter is not end all and be all of your life or social media strategy. See what you want to achieve with twitter. It can be a good way to reach out to influential people and market your brand. First do work (write good stuff) and then use twitter to amplify it.

How much time you should spend on Twitter?

  1. Set aside some time every day for Twitter. 10 minutes per day is fine. Unless you have someone managing social media for you. Believe it or not – you can successfully do Twitter at 10 minutes a day.

Tweets (Communication)

  1. Decide what you going to tweet about.

  1. Take time to compose your tweets. Compose and keep them in a document / text file. So when the time comes for tweeting – you have them ready.

  1. Tweet stuff which is relevant for your audience. It can be funny, informative, thoughtful – take your pick. Mix and match your tweets. Being funny also helps. I do not post funny tweets but I enjoy checking them out.

  1. Retweet content that you find interesting and what will be useful for your followers.

  1. Also do reply to other people’s tweet.

Marketing / Promoting Your content on Twitter

  1. Do not over do – self promotional tweets. Twitter is a good tool to promote your content. But works well if you mix self promotion with other tweets that are useful for your audience. 5:1 is a good ratio – 5 regular tweets and 1 self promotional tweet.

  1. If you run a website then post your old content there. Search engines now has number of social shares (tweets etc.) a ranking factor. So content that is tweeted more number of times has the chance of getting ranked a above which is not ranked. So it is good for instant visibility (by being seen as followers) and long term reach – via search engines.

  1. It is ok to be human and talk how you feel – so not every tweet needs to be in sync with “RULES”.

Twitter Marketing Tools

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: Use Buffer. This is my favorite scheduling tool – that can make your tweeting experience a breeze and get you users and engagement.

  1. ManageFlitter – to see who is not following you back and use it for purging your accounts.