Social Web is no longer a place where people came to connect and stay in touch.

People are now connecting on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and making buying decisions.

New Influencers

Those who got influenced by the marketing message of a brand now have the power to influence which can no longer be ignored.

Power of Numbers

There are 1 billion+ users ¬†of Facebook (Yes! that is a Billion with a “B”) ~500 million users on Twitter and 200 million+ users on LinkedIn and many more other social networks and you see this is a medium when effective used can transform a business.

You should have been using the power of network already. If not then move fast to benefit from the massive number of users on facebook or billions of users on the web.

They are the ones who gets influenced and also the ones who influence.

Either you should be taking time to understand by engaging in this medium yourself of entrust this responsibility to a partner who understand this medium.

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