Interested in working with us.Our services start at USD 990 for a 3 months package, explore further to know more;

Service Type Silver Gold Platinum
Investment for 3 months USD 999~ (USD333 /month)
USD 1299 ~ (USD433/month)
USD 1599  ~ (USD 533 /month)
Facebook Yes (One update a day) Yes (2 updates a day) Yes (4 updates a day)
Twitter Yes (2 Tweets a day) Yes (4 Tweets and 2 Re-Tweets a day) Yes (8 Tweets and 4 Re-Tweets in day)
LinkedIn Profile Creation Profile Creation, Groups management Profile Creation, Groups & Community
Slideshare Not Applicable Profile Creation & 1 presentation upload every month Profile Creation & 2 presentations uploaded every month
Flickr Not Applicable Not Applicable Profile Creation & 10 Picture Upload Every Month
Blogging Not Applicable 15 blog comments in a month 30 blog comments in a month

All payments in Advance (via Paypal)

We also do custom email development and permission based e-mailing.

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