Email marketing is no magic wand but it is something close.

When used right it can create magic for your business.

It can get users back to your business, engage with your brand and create a bond that will get them to buy what you sell. Do you want this for your business? OK, read on.

Email Marketing Basics

The first part is to know what is email marketing?

It is a form of marketing which uses email to send promotional and information driven message to potential buyers.

1. Right way to do email marketing

You need a list (people who have opted-in by giving their email id) to send your message to.

2. For What Purpose One Can Use Email Marketing?

There are some activities where it is better suited than others

3. How to Make Email Marketing Work Better?

4. How To Get Email Addresses For Email Marketing?

5. What Is Opt-In Email Or Permission Based Email Marketing?

6. Email newsletter design basics


1. Your email marketing checklist

Check this out before you get started with your campaign

2. 10 content ideas to plan your email marketing campaigns

Stuck with finding topics for your next campaign the post above should present some ideas.

3. Top 15 most popular email subject lines

Subject lines play an important role in – how many people will open your email, so it helps to pay attention there.

4. Email Marketing to enhance customer engagement and loyalty

If your message is compelling it motivates your customers to come back.

5. Find ideas for newsletter content


1. Comparison of popular email marketing software

Campaign Monitor is my favorite, because of its amazing interface.

2. How much does it cost to start an email marketing campaign.

It can take anywhere from $0 (FREE) to $500 depending on your need for sophistication, your brand’s presence and size of your audience.

3. What is transactional email?

4. Life cycle email marketing

It can be a sure fire way to boost your revenue. Effective for SaaS product companies.