Brands needs to provide value upfront

Whatever space you are operating in, you need to provide some value upfront if you want to succeed and create a lasting brand. If you are consumer goods brand, see your newsletter as something w…

Right perspective for Social Media

How do you view social media? Is it a tool or a puzzle that you are still trying to understand? Best perspective is to view it as a medium that is constantly evolving and has social connections at i…

Whats beyond Facebook and Twitter?

Your social media efforts should not end on creating a Facebook Page and Official Twitter account for your brand. It can be a good starting point; but it cannot end here. Give yourself some ti…

Services to use to promote your brand

For Sales Push
    Location based services. Online Promotion Coupons
For Connections
    Facebook e-Newsletter
For Traffic (Online)
    Blog (posting and commenting)
For Order Generation and Feedb