Essential Content Publishing Checklist

You have just finished writing a content piece that you have to publish as soon as possible. You are happy that you’ve finally created it and just need to hit the “submit” button.

While it’s understandable that you need to meet the deadline, but then stop once to cross-check that it doesn’t contain any error. No doubt, you have come up with an interesting post.  Remember even a great copy can turn off your readers if it contains errors.

These errors can be grammatical, typographical or regarding goal alignment, link building, format, etc. Take some time out to give your content copy one more read to make it error-free. Consider these things before you hit the “submit” button:

1. Ensure that there are no grammatical errors. This is certainly a big turn off for your readers. So, cross check once more to make sure that it’s error-free.

2. Have you optimized keyword search phrases? If not, do it now. No doubt you have come up with a great post, but make it findable so that you can get in front of as many people possible.

3. Have you included links to the reference content? To support your content marketing campaign, it’s an important step. Don’t hesitate in providing the links of the posts on third party sites, if you have used them as resources or if you think they are great posts and people should read them.

4. Carefully align sub goals within the content. Of course, you need to have a single goal for each post but each of the sub pieces must be aligned to sub-goals to support your main goal. For example, if you’re in garment business and your goal is to increase sales, you can talk about latest fashion or trends, experimenting with looks or getting dressed according to the season or occasion, etc. You can also embed pictures in it.

5. Add links to your other posts that seem related or connecting. This helps readers recall what they read last and draw a connection. Moreover, it promotes your previous posts.

6. Incorporate a call-to-action. You need to tell your readers what you want to do them. You have a goal in mind when creating a content copy. Assess whether it does justice with your goal and explicitly talks about what you want your audience to do.

7. Include an image. A picture is worth thousand words. It’s not just a saying but it actually works. However, the image should be very attractive. You can also link it back to your Pinterest account or your website. A picture maximizes the impact of your textual content.

8. Make it humorous but stay away from the foul language. Of course, humor works the best but no one is interested in listening to your foul language. Try best to eliminate profanity. If you don’t find the right words to say what you want to, use references or pictures or stop writing until you think of something suitable.

9. Make your headline magnetic. Try to think of an attention-grabbing title or something that prompts the readers to check out your post.

Well, the first time is the hardest. It may take longer to check all these points before posting a content piece. But you get into the habit of going over once again on your post, you will find it easier. Content creation is beyond just writing. Pay extra attention to details.

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