What Makes Your Online Credibility?

Now that I have talked about the elements that kill your online reputation in the previous post, I found it important to talk about credibility builders as well. Certainly, the credibility killers can turn into credibility makers if content marketers work upon them seriously and address all the issues. However, let us take a look at them and find out how they contribute to your online reputation.

1. A great website cannot be overlooked. It’s your best sales guy that can entice the visitors, compelling them to stay and buy something from you. Even if your visitors don’t buy on the spot, they will definitely come back to you the moment they have requirement for what you sell.

Well, many companies have excellent (feature-packed and highly functional) websites but not all are able to generate good response. What you display on your site also matters a lot. For example, previously the home page of Coca Cola Company’s website had details about investors’ relationship but now it features their popular ads and initiatives that they have taken empower rural youth. This not only makes their website look more interesting but offers details of their campaigns right at the first glance.

Ericsson has another way to make their website look appealing. They have all the latest information, researches and news on their home page. The page is designed simply but still it is appealing.

2. A complete LinkedIn profile is a must-have in today’s time when people search you and your company online to gather information about you. Make sure to include all your website, Facebook, Twitter, blog and Pinterest links to your profile.

To make it spicier, you can add a few videos and presentations to your profile. Anyway it’s become an established fact that visual content is more effective than textual content. You can also consider adding your company presentations using SlideShare app.

Haven’t recommended anything – articles, posts, videos or some model on LinkedIn? The key is – start recommending some. This is a great way to be recommended back by people.

3. Float some videos on YouTube. It’s not necessary to spend a huge sum to have professionally shot videos; instead you can shoot them in-house around real life situations or how-to guides. As said earlier, videos are more engaging than any other type of content, it will be a great idea to shoot some videos and give a supporting description. Integrating YouTube videos on your company site multiplies the results.

4. Press or third party endorsements are great for your online reputation. Make maximum of every opportunity when anyone wants to cover your news. If it is posted on one platform, you can get it posted to other platforms as well where you think you can gain maximum attention.

5. Slideshare presentations are a great way to gain attention. It’s a free platform where your PowerPoint presentations are automatically converted into textual posts.

6. An active blog is something that cannot be ruled out at any cost when you look to build online credibility. It should be supplied with information or some engaging posts on regular basis from different members of your team.

7. Great social media pages are a must-have. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. In today’s scenario, your business won’t be taken seriously if you are not telling stories on your social pages. You have to be a good storyteller apart from doing business.

Whenever, you post content on all these platforms, ensure that it is relevant to the needs of your customers. While you can do most of these things by yourself but you can still consider hiring professionals to get these points right.

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