What Kills Your Online Credibility?

Credibility is the key no matter what your business is and what level it operates at. You really can’t do without having a good personal and professional reputation. Both you and your company have to pass the litmus test of your reputation and credibility before you think you can make a sale.

You must be spending a huge amount of money in every quarter of the year on your content marketing campaign; but unless you project yourself and your business in the right way, all your efforts and investment go in vain.  There are many credibility killers that literally take a few seconds to throw out your hard earned status and reliability out of your customers’ minds.

Let us count them one by one and understand how they affect your credibility on the internet.

Unprofessional Behavior Online

What you say and how you say online matters a lot. It spreads like fire quicker than you can imagine. You can delay your response but can’t afford to look unprofessional at any time. Whenever you present your views or opinion about anything or participate in any discussion online, make sure that you are as precise and descent as possible. Don’t try to offend anyone. Even if you don’t agree with anything, behave politely. That shows your inner strength and ability to maintain temper in unfavorable situations.

Poor LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin is at the core – if you are trying to create a strong personal brand.

It’s better not to have one than having an unmanaged one. A LinkedIn profile is considered as the most authentic, precise and genuine of all the info available about a person on the internet. There are many people who have created their profiles just for the sake of it and barely put in any efforts to make it look and feel better. Not only this, they are even unaware of the fact that they can also integrate videos in their profile to spice it up. A poor LinkedIn profile with incorrect information, insufficient details and grammatical errors is certainly a cred killer.

No/Unmanaged Social Media Page

Yeah, I know you don’t like to be on social media but prospects want to see how you connect with your existing customers. You can’t question the capability of social media to take you to the next level. Not having a dedicated page kills your reputation online. Not only you should have a page but you also need to manage it, update it and publish content regularly. An unmanaged page further spoils your name.

Unprofessional Website

I understand you like to experiment with the look and feel of your website but sometimes you just cross that fine line of creativity and uniqueness and end up with an unprofessional looking website. No, I don’t mean to say that you should restrict yourself to traditional looks but what you need to do is have a pleasant looking site that functions well.

Inactive Company Blog

Do you have a company blog that has not been updated since long? A blog is said to generate traffic to your business website. But when it’s lying inactive, how can you expect that people will visit your website? You look bad when you when you blog shows that you have cared enough to post something from such a long time.

There are many other things that can bring a bad name to you and your company online. Mentioned above are the basic ones that you need to get them done right straight away.

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