Use Google Hangouts to Connect and Converse

Now you know how to use Google Plus. Good. But you are not getting the best out of Google+ if you are not using Hangouts.

Google Plus Hangouts

Who knew we would be able to converse virtually with almost everyone in the world using a fast, easy and friendly tool? Thanks to Google Hangouts!

No matter whether you reside in the remotest part of the world or don’t want to fly each time to attend a conference, Google Hangout can help you connect with people right from your location. It’s probably the best tool in your box to make distant conversations so easy.

This incredibly powerful Google+ feature enables everything from simple one-to-one connections to huge virtual chats, discussions or conversations. Well, it doesn’t stop here. Content marketers can make use of this amazing tool for connecting with their community/audience, conducting video interviews, providing coaching or consulting, holding meetings and interactive sessions and much more.

Leverage Google Hangouts to make you more efficient as a content marketer.

Let us see how to do it.

1. Connect with People in Your Circles

Google Hangout makes it easier for everyone to connect with people in their circles. People in your community can ask questions, participate in a discussion or simply indulge in some conversation. You can either chat or video call people in your circle. The best part is that you can keep the conversation private or invite as many people you want. Share your content with them on the spot.

2. Video Interviews for Research or Content

How many times have you thought of interviewing your influencers, loyal customers or a famous personality for your upcoming book or your current blog? You can invite them to video call with you whenever they feel comfortable. As you don’t have to travel, you don’t need to worry about different time zones.

3. Hold Meetings

Have a scattered team? No longer do you need to worry about communicating with your team members. Thanks to Google Hangout. Chat or call and share the documents and make decisions without actually travelling to a common place.

4. Offer Customer Support

Why don’t you consider Google Hangouts for providing customer support? It’s fun, easy and inexpensive. All you need is an internet connection and a device. People will really love seeing a real person and chatting with him/her. If you’re in technical support, you can share screens to quickly resolve the problem and give your customers a pleasant calling experience.

5. Hold Live Sessions

Want to make a public appearance? Simply prepare your content and invite your community to Google Hangout. It’s a primary tool for making quick, safe and fruitful public appearance. The best part is that there is no limitation on the number of audience.

6. Give Presentations

As a business, this would certainly be the thing that you need to do on regular basis. Try making use of Google Hangout for presenting yourself and the company in front of potential or existing clients. The session can be as interesting as a real physical session, making you feel as if you’re gathered in a conference hall with your clients.

7. Conduct Virtual How-To Sessions

Need to teach your team how to do a particular task? Conduct a virtual how-to session right from your location. In fact, you can use this as a platform to deliver how-to courses to your audience/community.

Google+ Hangouts are probably the best tools around to create a virtual world where you can connect and converse at anytime anywhere.

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