How to Persuade Your Customers to Buy?

Aren’t you hearing from your audience even after months of content marketing? Wondering how on earth your competitor manages to evoke a tremendous response every time they get in front of customers?

persuade customers

The secret is – they ask for it and they get it.

What I mean to say is you’ve got to ask for what you want. At the end of each conversation, discussion, blog post or article, you need to ask your audience to take an action.

It could be anything from asking to join your newsletter, contact for more information, enquire for services or ask for a quote.

Persuading someone to take an action is an art and you need to be skilled at it.

Here are the secrets of persuasion.

1. Attach a Call to Action

Like I said earlier, ask for what you want.

Attach a call to action to each piece of content you publish. Ask your audience to look further into your offerings when you conclude your session (personally or virtually) with them.

Once they take an action by joining your email series or looking into your offerings, ask further immediately. You can ask for their preferences – the kind of information they would like to receive or compel them to read more for detailed information.

2. Test Different Approaches

Segregate your audience in two or three categories and adopt different approaches to contact and connect with each set of audience.

Draft the same message in different tones and see how they react.

Asking for customer experiences is quite a good way to find what exactly they look for.

Take criticism patiently. Consider complaints as opportunities to improve. Make sure to address their grievances, promising them to offer a smooth experience next time.

Tweak your message on the basis of their response.

3. Break the Process into Small Steps

It’s but obvious that people won’t buy from you as soon as you finish your pitch.

The secret is – break the entire process into small steps. Ask them to opt for a free trial so that they get hands-on what you’re trying to sell. Allow them to get a feel of your product or service.

You can try giving them a free advice or a suggestion pertaining to their daily living. Don’t expect results overnight. Give them the time to have trust in you.

Become friends with them and gradually take them at the place where you want to actually see them.

4. Be an Audience to Your Competitor

Well, most of us won’t. Why to tell them that you’re impressed with what they’re doing?

That’s not the right approach. Anyway you can’t stop them from doing what they want to. But by joining their newsletter or social media page or emailing list, you can find out how they approach their audience.

This is a great way to study their intent, actions and approaches.

Pick words, phrases or content that really impress you and ask yourself how you can do that..

5. Use Energy-Rich Wording/Phrases

Readers are already tired because of their packed lifestyle. Whenever they find time, they want to be entertained, so that they feel fresh and filled with energy.

Don’t look dead whenever you get in front of them. Try to amaze them; give them a magnificent experience; be naughty and outspoken; add excitement to the content you offer them.

This makes them take an action quickly. There is good percentage of impulse buyers – who buy out of excitement.

6. Show You Love Them

Don’t fake because they will get to know. Show that you love them and genuinely care for them.

Make them feel that you will never try to advice or sell them that’s not good for them.

If you want people to take an action or do something, appreciate their move, provide them with a complimentary consulting or gift.

Let your customers know that each of their actions makes your day and you’re really thankful to them.

7. Paint Pictures

I don’t want you to take a canvas and paint it. What I mean to say is write in such a way that compels them to image and create a picture in their minds.

You don’t have to have visual element in your content all the time. Your words can create pictures.

Practice these secrets of persuasion and see the difference. Share with us if you have a different idea or any of the above tips has worked for you.

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