Making Boring Interesting: An Essential Trick in Content Creation and Marketing

“This is such a dry subject. Where the hell can I find ways to make it look interesting?”


How many times do you come across such a situation when you complain how boring your niche is? I guess very frequently.

Every now and then we hear things about how compelling content makes its way to the readers’ hearts. It leaves most content developers and marketers in low spirits, making them declare either their niche absolutely boring and dry or lose hope that they can also create compelling content.

The secret of making boring interesting doesn’t lie in changing your writing style, sounding cool or creating expensive animations or infographics. In fact, it is about putting yourself in the shoes of your readers/audience and asking the right questions.

Creating compelling content is nothing but understanding the pain points of your audience and focusing on providing them with the right solutions.

The other thing is to keep the writing as simple as possible.

Converting Boring into Interesting

Drop all thwarting ideas

Converting boring into interesting doesn’t take long if you’re comfortable shedding a few of your notions. These are:

  • The niche you’re writing on is boring
  • You always need to come up with something unique to create compelling content
  • You need to sound cool when writing or else your post won’t make a mark on your audience
  • You’re not getting desired results from your content marketing campaign because people are not interested in knowing a thing about your industry

All you need to do is drop all these discomforting beliefs that have piled up in your mind over time and be optimistic.

No need to put a great deal of thought

Who said you need to research, research and research until you find something unique? It’s enough if you could deal properly with traditional WHs- why, who, where, when, what and how.

Simply find answer to these questions and see how easily you can create a compelling post.

Remember compelling doesn’t have to be out of this world. You need to stay in this world only and answer the questions of people who belong to the same world. Don’t respond to aliens.

Pratik Dholakia in his post on Copyblogger – How to Write an Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic gives an example of how a common topic can still fair much better than a breaking news.

The news Osama Bin Laden Had Been Killed did poorly in front of a simple relationship advice Why You’re Not Married. The former not only received half of the Facebook like as compared to the marriage post but also received only a one-third of the Facebook shares and one-eighteenth of the emails.

So, the news about the death of a terrorist still can’t beat the age old topic of marriage J

Act like a reader

The best way to do is to act like a reader or buyer and ask yourself all those questions that you would probably ask when making a purchase decision.

If you can’t carry out this exercise alone, call a friend and try to pitch him about your product. It’s a matter of minutes and you will know what to write about.

Educate Yourself, Read More.

Well, this is one thing that keeps you updated of the latest happenings in the field you’re interested. The best part is that you don’t have to struggle hard to watch out for the latest trends just before you begin to write a post.

The success of a content creation and marketing campaign depends on how and what you think about a specific topic. There is always an audience for the topic you choose.

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