Are you making these landing page mistakes?

Do Your Landing Pages Crush Browser Expectations?

Do your landing pages seem to brutally crush the expectations of your browsers?

Do they look mismanaged?

Let us find out why they screw up your customers’ hopes and anticipation and how you can improve the look and feel of your landing pages.

Before I talk about the most common mistakes that businesses make with their landing pages, let us first understand what a landing page is.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a place where you drive traffic to, prompting people to take an action.

Now the action can be anything including

  • A content page designed to offer additional information
  • An email opt-in page
  • A sales page with call to action
  • Infographics page with quick information, which is meant to rank well in search engines
  • A video landing page

A landing page is expected to be a quality page with effective headline, precise content, clean design, singular goal, basic aesthetics and smart division of information.

What crushes the effectiveness of your landing pages?

1. Poor Headline

A headline acts as a door to the entire content copy. A better headline compels a visitor to stay longer and read the content on a landing page.

Unfortunately, businesses go by keywords and form the headings accordingly, with an aim to make them more searchable on search engines.

It’s true that you need to make your page quickly searchable but a dull or salesy headline brutally crushes the effectiveness of the entire content that you have on your page.

Remember you need to attract people and search engines will come automatically. Have a great headline and then optimize it.

2. Ambiguous Goal

What do you want from your audience? Multiple goals cause confusion, distraction, frustration and ambiguity. The results are- less traffic and ultimately fewer conversions!

Have one goal for each landing page.  Keep it simple and short. People should be clear about what they need to do.

Don’t ask for more than one thing. Either ask them to buy something or opt for a newsletter. Make it clear what you want them to do.

3. Use of a Regular Theme/Design/Layout

It’s okay to have side bars, rows and columns on a website page but such kind of theme or design won’t work for your landing pages.

This confuses them by not giving them clear-cut indications about what they are supposed to read or do. On a landing page, people don’t expect clutter.

Get rid of all unnecessary elements and keep it as clean and simple as possible. Don’t give them choices; rather ask them to take a specific action.

4. Ignoring the Basics

People come to your landing page when they really want to take an action. How can you afford to look dull or poorly managed when they are ready to start out their journey with you?

That extra large or small font ruins the appearance of your page and why don’t you get rid of its gray color?

Look exciting and fill them with energy, giving them a wonderful experience.

So, next time you design your landing page, keep these tips handy. Along with great content, an attraction theme and clarity in goals is also required.

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