How to Use Google+ Effectively?

It’s worth spending time on Google+ trying to understand the platform and learn how to use it to engage your audience. Branding on Google+ can result into better visibility and rankings on search engines as well as improved connections with your community.

Google Plus Community

This is because Google is an indispensable part of anyone who browses internet and Google+ is an integral part of the search engine giant. Instead of ignoring it and only sticking to just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s better to build an audience on it and start reaping the rewards.

Believe it or not, ignoring Google+ is going to be really risky for content marketers. This is because the social network has already more than 500 million users, which is difficult a number to overlook.

If you’re already on Google+, the first thing comes to mind is how to be effective on it. So, let’s get straight to the topic and see how you can do better with your Google+ account.

Using Google+ effectively

1. A Complete Profile

The first and foremost thing to be effective on any platform is to have a complete and well written profile. Same is true for Google+. Provide all details that it asks for and have a complete profile. This helps your connections know more about you and your work, hobbies and passion. Allow them to know you better before you start knowing them and include them in your audience base.

2. Link Your Blog to Google+

Wondering how to bring your content in front of Google? Now you need not worry because you have a Google+ account now. Link it with your blog, may be the home page or any other page that you find most impressive.

3. Link Your Blog Posts to Google+

You can’t get away by just linking your Google+ profile to your blog. It’s a continuous process. To get into the eyes of Google, link each of your blog post to your Google+ profile. This is one of the tricks to get your post in front of a wide audience base. Gradually, it will help you in expanding your reach.

4. Write Content Inside Google+

Long resource-type articles and how-to information with links and practical information are most shared on posts on Google+. Write a post inside Google+ and provide links to your blog posts for added information. This will ultimately increase traffic to your blog.

5. Use Google+ Direct Connect

Direct Connect is an extremely powerful feature that Google+ offers. It allows people to easily add you to their circles from simple Google search. However, currently this is available on limited basis to those who have large Google+ circles.

6. Tag People and Brands

Google+ allows you to reach directly to people and brands by tagging them. In a digitally crowded space, this probably comes as an effective solution to draw their attention to your content.

7. Upload a Good Display Picture

Remember spending hours in browsing the pictures of your connections or friends on Facebook? How a person looks seems important. Same holds true for Google+. Upload a good display picture so that browsers can see you each time they visit your profile or come across your posts and articles.

8. Use Ripples to Find Influencers

Ripples is a slightly lesser know feature of Google+, but it is certainly the most important one. It helps you identify people who shared your post to their circles. You can also find the size of their audience. This is a great way to determine influencers. Once you know who they are, you can add them to your circle.

9. Build Strategic Groups

Organize your connections in different groups such as family, friends, colleagues, influencers and others and send them posts that best suit their needs. The best part is that people who add you to their circles see your posts at higher ranks in search engines when they search for similar information.

These are just the initial step that you should do to make your Google+ activities more effective. Take time to learn and apply this tactics and they will bring desired results if you get them right. Keep on exploring more features and share your experience with us.

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