How to Get Out of Blogger’s Block and Continue Loving Your Blog

When You’re No Longer in Love with Your Blog!

That’s the worst situation when you don’t want to continue blogging but can’t quit it either.

Wondering if there is any way out?

Is there any solution to deal with the situation?

Let’s see.

Blogging is like a long relationship. What thrills you at the beginning feels boring later on.

Sometimes, you’re overwhelmed with the love your audience shows and sometimes they get on to your nerves.

Sometimes, creating a post seems easy while at other times it is extremely difficult to come up with something new, unique and interesting.

The first time when you feel little disconnected, you start putting extra effort to keep the passion alive.

Despite what you do, there comes a point when you want to quit blogging.

The actual problem arises when you want to quit but just can’t. You just can’t let everything go what you have built in these many years.

You’ve worked hard to convince people to be your regular readers. You were almost on the verge of suffering from insomnia while you were working day and night on your blog.

How can you let it go like this?

If you have more ideas to re-kindle your passion for blogging, go ahead. But if you don’t have any, you’re at the right place.

However, if you’re still blogging but feel that your passion can die any moment, then also you’re welcome to read this post.

Let us see what you can do to deal with such a situation.

Do a question and answer round

Now what does this mean? This means if you’re in self doubt and think you no longer have unique ideas or context to create an interesting post, arrange a genuine and unbiased Q&A round with you.

Fire yourself from the post of blogger and get into the role of an investigator. Find out what it is that have brought you to this level.

Is it something to do with the instability in your personal life or you think you are unable to deliver value? Do you think that the charm you had earlier has lost somewhere?

Spend time with yourself or a close friend who knows what’s going around you and find the answers to these questions.

Do a question and answer round with your audience

Announce a question and answer session with your audience. Put the word out and invite questions from your readers and try to live answer them whenever possible.

This may act as a confidence booster. Ask all your friends to post their questions if you think your readers are not responding.

Look for Contributors

May be you badly need a break from content creation. Look for contributors for your blog who can keep it going even when you’re not around.

You can continue with shorter posts or Q&A rounds until you find a few experienced bloggers to write for your blog. Inviting posts from your readers makes it easier.

Some of your readers might want to write for your blog. Make the announcement and invite applications. Review their posts and see how things can work out.

Repurpose some of your old posts and share.

Repurpose your older content, give it a new twist and repost it. Pick the posts that you think didn’t gain as much attention they should have and present them to audience again.

This way, you just have to make small changes in your previous posts before posting them.

Add a new vertical to your blog

Try something new if you are at a point when you can’t think of something new in your existing domain.

Why don’t you pick a new domain/field to start as new vertical to your blog? You will be able to rediscover your love for blogging and moreover, even your audience will get something new to read.

Tell us how you find these tips. Also share with us what you do to rediscover your love for blogging.

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