Sharing Customer Stories: How Good Is It for Your Content Marketing Campaign?

It’s no surprise; people rely on opinions and recommendations from other online shoppers who they may or may not know. Around 80 percent of online buyers take time in reading the reviews about the product posted by customers who are already using the same product.

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There is another aspect of online shopping. Those who refrain themselves from buying online are skeptical about whether they will be heard or not just in case they face problems with the product. Shoppers just don’t want to buy products and get them delivered right at their doorsteps but they want to be heard before and after. In a way, they want to make sure that they will be offered assistance when needed. They look for a smooth shopping experience.

Opinions and recommendations from other online shoppers influence their buying decisions. So, sharing customer stories on your site or other online spaces that you are present on can prove to be extremely beneficial for your campaign. Imagine your existing and potential customers communicating with each other on your website or social media pages. How good it is for your search engine ranking and brand image.

When potential customers are online, make all possible arrangements to share compelling customer stories about how they like your product, how satisfied they are with your customer care services and how well you are able to resolve their issues.

How to Share Customer Stories in a Compelling Way?

Well, if you make it look like a white paper, probably your customers won’t even take a look at it. Creating a compelling story with showcasing your customer as the main character can prove to be effective. Share the information about the customer, how he or she bought the product and how it is fulfilling their needs and wants and how it has now become an integral part of their daily life.

No matter how old or young your customers are, they will always be interested in hearing a good story. All you need to do is craft it in such a manner that it can seem appealing to them.

Customers also want to know how you solve problems. Understand why your potential customers will be interested in using your products. Furnish them with real life applications, making them know how it can ease their life and alleviate the hardships that they face when they perform that particular task manually or some other machine.

Give complete details. New clients don’t just want to know how good the product is but they are equally interested in knowing its specifications. Answer all unasked questions in your story and make it look and feel complete. However, don’t just go on telling a long story; keep it to the point.

Share numbers with your customers. Tell them about the durability/shelf life of the product, warranty and replacement period, how frequently they should clean it and how much time it takes to perform the job. Numbers really matter. Apart from the cost, there are several other things that are represented or counted in numbers.

Crafting compelling customer stories is an invaluable tool and magical art that can help you connect with your customers. But the way you share it and respond to the customer queries is also important. Back your stories with valuable answers, tips and suggestions.

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