Copywriting and Content Marketing

Copywriting and content marketing is same. It’s the most common myth among online writers.

They are actually different terms and will not work that effectively if used in other’s place. They are meant for different scenarios and achieve different outcomes.

However, they may also go hand in hand whenever situation demands.

Before going into details, let us first understand the basic difference between the two.

Copywriting and Content Marketing

Basic Difference

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of compelling content in the form of a story, a report, data or information that aims to drive connection and engagement with customers.

It expands to blogs, web pages, informational articles, whitepapers, social communications, etc. The goal is to inform and entertain the audience.

On the other hand, copywriting is a content copy that is designed to generate specific response from the reader/audience. It may be opting for an e-mailer, subscribing for a newsletter, checking out the merchandise or making a purchase.

Copywriting expands to direct mails, infomercials, brochures, pamphlets as well as sales pages. It aims to promote a product, a deal or a company.

Sales Copy vs. Educational Content

Copywriting is all about creating a sales copy. It’s a promotional literature in any form that prompts readers to indulge into some action, mostly purchase. It uses words like “hire us”, “buy from us”, “contact us”, “get a quote”, “call us”, “drop us an email” and other such words/phrases.

Content marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t involve promotional literature. It’s not into direct selling. However, the ultimate aim is direct selling but it is not anywhere mentioned in the entire content. The intent to sell is hidden and is not explicitly said.

The purpose is to educate visitors. Content marketers can also focus on entertaining visitors so that they keep coming back for more and become loyal readers.

Direct Sales Pitch vs. Communication

Copywriting is a direct sales pitch. The content copy directly talks to the reader. It is highly emotional and interactive, as most of the times buying is an emotional action. The focus is on persuading people about a certain product or service, encouraging them to act quickly.

Content marketing is done for an entirely different purpose. It teaches readers, makes them ponder upon something, express their opinions, so that they feel a connection with the brand or company.

Copywriting and Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand

No matter how widely they differ from each other but great content is the soul of both these terms. Without a well thought and drafted content, none of them can make a mark on readers.

Copywriting without good content is a waste of skills, efforts and money. Similarly, content marketing revolves around compelling content.

When both the above statements are true, we can’t ignore the fact that content without copywriting is also a waste. How can you say a specific content piece is effective if it doesn’t have any call to action?

Nowadays, it’s become really difficult to separate content marketing from copywriting or the latter from the former; however, former doesn’t explicitly play around selling.

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