Essential Content Marketing Tricks from Your Childhood

Despite working day and night and spending money like water, if you’re still not seeing a great movement in your web traffic, stop for a moment and rethink.

Content Marketing Tricks

You cannot afford to stop your efforts because business environment doesn’t allow you to do so. Nor you are in a position to continue because it’s draining out all your money without showing any results.

Content Marketing Tricks – What to do?

I would say, grant yourself some lazy moments and revisit your childhood. Remember the moments when you used to be really good in getting your work done.

Don’t you remember how smart you were in convincing your daddy to buy the latest pencil box for you? And how quickly you made new friends when you changed your school!

Golden days they were!

Pick some tricks from your childhood and make your present life better.

Let me tell you what you can learn from your childhood days to score well in your content marketing campaign.

Don’t be authoritative; be a friend!

Remember how you hated your parents when they posed something on you that you didn’t want. You couldn’t really do much about it because you were young and helpless.

Even your readers hate you for being authoritative. They are not looking for someone who wants to push them into something. Instead they need a friend who can guide them, suggest them when they are in need and help them to come out of a dilemma.

They need a friend in you.

Extend Help

Remember how scared you were when you changed your school. The fear of new and unknown had taken over you.

But how you dealt with the situation?

By extending help to your classmates! You were the first one who offered them your lunch. You were the one who showed them a way to do their homework quickly.

Your readers are in need of help. Of course, the problems are not as small as they were when you were a child. But solution is same. Extend help and be genuine in your efforts.

Sell Smart

How can you forget the way you convinced your mom for buying that latest pencil box for you?

You never made her feel that you desperately wanted it. Instead you explained her about its utility.

Similarly, you don’t have to explicitly say that you want to sell something. Instead make them realize that they desperately need it.

How? Just the way you did it earlier.

Tell them about the utility of the product and show how it can add value to their lives. Sound as genuine as you can.

Offer a Chocolate

I still remember offering a chocolate to my friend who used to do my homework. Not only this, I used to pat him for doing it smartly in a different handwriting.

Whenever you receive something from your audience, offer them a chocolate and make them feel good. Here chocolate may refer to anything from recognition, some deal or discount on an item they want to purchase.

When you do it regularly, they look for more from you. They eagerly wait for your communication.

Think about these tricks and see how you can use them for your content marketing campaign. Also don’t forget to peek into your childhood from time to time.

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