Extend Your Market Reach and Make Connections Easier with These Tools

When marketing online, two things play the most important role – relevance and positioning of content.

Right positioning helps you attract the right traffic while relevancy helps in keeping browsers interested in you. However, there is no end to the desire for gaining more traffic and expanding your reach.

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No matter whether you own a mommy blog or a discussion forum, you always want it to reach as many users as possible. Until recently, brands wanting to reach relevant people in their niche either used sponsored content or worked with a digital agency that did the work on their behalf. This is still the case with most companies.

Needless to mention, it takes really long in posting the content on a large number of niche sites as well as a huge investment. However, recently a few technology tools have hit the market that aim to help brands extend their marketing reach and make connections with prospects easier using content.

These innovative tools – Nativo and BlogFrog automate the placement of a variety of content (promoted or sponsored) into any types of sites (that are niche to your business) across various platforms including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Typically, manual placement of content or ads on niche websites or platforms takes a great deal of time. These tools aim to solve this problem for online marketers, enabling them to be quicker in their efforts and lower their content distribution/ad operation costs.

Let us know more about these tools.

Nativo – The Native Advertising Platform

Known as PostRelease until February 27, 2013, the tool acquired its new name “Nativo” on February 28, 2013 to showcase its growth and evolution over a period of time. Originally, the concept played on automating the distribution or insertion of press releases on a variety of niche websites. But the technology now enables the automated placement of a wide variety of content types along with press releases. Of course, the result now is higher performance and deeper user engagement in less time and at low costs.

The technology offers brands the ease and scale of an ad network, while ensuring relevancy and positioning of the content. Brands can use this tool to instantly place their posts/content on thousands of small blogs as well as bigger media platforms and channels. It also places content inside blogs, content sites as well as forums. And the best part is, instead of just dropping-in or inserting the content into existing niche websites, the tool makes sure that the content matches the context and gets premier positioning.

BlogFrog – Influencer Marketing Platform

The tool helps you reach millions of target consumers by mobilizing key social influencers. The tool has tapped into the surging popularity of online discussions and asking questions and sharing and participating in live events. A blogger can add a BlogFrog app to their existing blog and can instantly publish posts across the community.

The tool allows users to share pictures, participate in live chats, indulge in discussions and conversations and ask questions. It’s a far more versatile and useful tool for bloggers than Twitter or Facebook. The aim of the technology is to help bloggers amplify conversations and develop strong connection with their audience easily.

Don’t underestimate the popularity of BlogFrog as the site currently has 125,000 active users and reaches around 10 million parents every year. Industry giants like Kraft and Proctor & Gamble are already deploying the platform to spark conversations with their audience.

Using this tool, you can also find topic-specific influencers and amplify the reach of your content as well as develop strong conversations with your connections.

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