Humanize eCommerce marketing with Social Q&A

Before we talk about the importance of Social Q&A, let us first understand what exactly it is and how it works.

What is Social Q&A?

Social Q&A stands for Social Questions and Answers. It is a site feature, especially for eCommerce stores that helps shoppers connect with the existing customers through questions and answers. Basically, it is a place where they can get genuine reviews about the products they are interested in buying from those who are already using them.

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Like another social media strategy, this feature helps people connect with each other and engage in a conversation. The idea is to offer the guidance to the new buyers through other customers who have been already using similar products.

This way, shoppers feel that they are getting 100 percent genuine reviews without any personal bias. It’s a simple and smart way to offer potential buyers a wonderful experience. The best part is that rather than reading what others have said earlier about a specific product, they can simply post their questions and get specific answers.

Social Q&A not only helps people know about the utility and quality of a product but it helps them socialize with other customers.

How Does Social Q&A Work?

The working of a Social Q&A feature is absolutely simple.

  • Shoppers see a specific product on an eCommerce site and post questions in case they have any.
  • The questions posted are them emailed to a selected group of past customers who have already purchased and have been using that product.
  • The past customers then answer the questions and post.
  • The answers are then reflected on the product page on the website and are also emailed to the shoppers, basis which they make their decision.

Advantages of Social Q&A

Social Q&A is beneficial to both – store owners and shoppers. It offers genuine guidance to shoppers without any technological babble. On the flip side, the store owners actually don’t have to do anything as potential shoppers can get answers to their questions from other customers.

Let us understand the benefits of Social Q&A to shoppers and store owners in detail.

Benefits to Store owners

According to a study conducted by TurnTo, a leading social Q&A app for eCommerce stores, that a social Q&A feature establishes personalized customer-to-customer interaction.

  • Social Q&A generates at least twice or thrice more search engine optimized content than reviews, boosting the site ranking organically.
  • Customer to customer interaction enhances the chances of sale by at least 50 percent. It is in fact more effective than any other way to promote or advertise a specific product.
  • Shoppers who do not participate in actual question and answer activity but only read the responses or dialog around the product are 3-7 times more likely to buy.
  • Store owners actually don’t need to put effort to answer the questions of the answers posted by potential shoppers. They, in fact, can get publicity from their past customers.
  • This enhances the effectiveness of their content marketing campaign as they can link these first-hand reviews to their posts, comments and tweets and let potential customers know about their clientele.
  • Inviting questions and answers boosts store loyalty and influences the decisions of potential buyers as well as browsers.

Benefits to Shoppers

  • Shoppers can of course, get absolutely genuine and unbiased answers to their questions without any techno babble or marketing gimmicks.
  • Shoppers can get correct and first hand information about their product along with its utility and potential problems that they may face while using the product.
  • Potential customers get quick answers to their questions, which enables them to decide quickly.

So, humanize the buying experience of your customers and increase customer loyalty using Social Q&A feature on your eCommerce site.

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