Rethinking your social media strategy

Business has become more competitive than it ever war. People are venturing into all areas to fight for their share of pie.

There are businesses that have benefited immensely by using social media to sell their products and services and there are businesses that have failed terribly in their social media strategy. The reason, they plunged into it just because everyone else was!

Does it mean that organisations should step back if social media is not working for them? Yes, they should if they are not operating with a strategy. Even if they have one in place that is not yielding them the expected results, they need to rethink!

Success in social media revolves around two values – patience and persistence.

Most of the companies who fail in their social media strategy expect quick results and give up very soon.

Here are some tips on rethinking your social media strategy. Where do you start from? Re-do the groundwork!


Go the website and make a query on the basis of your products / services, the industry and check out what results. Is your competition scoring ahead of you? What is the kind of content people like? What results when you search for your own brand name? Record your observations and re-do the content.

Cut Paste Post

Many of the posts on the social media sites are with the intent of just posting something. If you are just focussing on posting links here and there and not looking into how it will result into customer engagement, your readers will stop following you soon.

The trick is to post valuable content and ask for customer feedback. When they respond it means they are listening and for you it means start listening!

Post timing

Persistence is the key. Posting irregularly means that not all will read your posts. Establish routines for posting such that your followers on the social media websites actually look forward to reading it at that hour.

Choose the timing right and plan your posts in advance to ensure the content is meaningful and not just posted for the heck of it.


Focus of keeping the posts easy to read and follow. Many of us try complicating it unnecessarily. Remember your followers are battling something in their life; give them something on a lighter note which makes them feel good.

All text and no pictures makes for a lazy post

Remember to keep posting some interesting support pictures and videos wherever possible. Too much of text is a big no, especially on a platform where your customers expect you to keep is short and simple.

Social media will result into nothing if it is not planned well and taken non-seriously. For success, organisations need to plan it and plan it really well.

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