How to make your content effective

Almost everyone tells you to create more content. But no one tells you to make your existing content effective.

Here is how you can do it.

Do this to make content effective.

Optimize it for search engines.

Not black hat way – but make it easy for search engines to find your content.

Have a well planned SEO strategy to improve the effectiveness of your content. It’s true that content is the king and it’s the relevance, uniqueness and genuineness of your content that matters the most. However, it will count only when it is found online on search engines easily.

Think about these,

1. Keyword Phrase

Make a research to know about the major keywords that have capability to draw traffic to use your website. Place them strategically in to the content, in order to make it found online easily.

2. Keywords in URLS

Wherever possible, use keywords in URLs so that the content can be easily found in search engines.

3. Make Use of Non-Text Content

Make use of non-text content such as images, videos, graphs, audios etc. to make it more searchable.

4. Content Formatting

For many people, a plain text may not be visually appealing. Therefore, it hinders your ability to appeal a larger chunk of audience. The presentation of the content really matters. Try out different settings and layouts and choose the best out of them.

5. Incorporate Call-to-Action

Don’t expect that your readers will take an extra pain to connect with you. Instead you provide them with various options through which they can contact you. Include a call-to-action along with your content.

6. Landing Pages

Do not make people land on your home page. Send them to pages that are visually attractive as well as offer genuine information about your product.

7. Add Social Media Buttons with number – to build social proof

Add social media buttons to your page so that your readers can visit them. Additionally, don’t forget to show the records, such as how many people are following you on social media channels.

8. Use Links in Emailer

Whenever you send emailers to your clients, ensure to include links even when they are not promotional.

9. Advertise

Use some kind of advertising that is within your budget to support your content marketing when appropriate.

10. Socialize Your Content

Socialize your content wherever possible with an aim to engage readers in meaningful conversations and discussions.

Using these steps, you cannot only produce enough content but can also improve its effectiveness.

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