Magnetic Content – Creating a Compelling Piece of Writing for Business

Is it all about talent when it comes to creating magnetic content?

Well, that’s true to an extent but if you know a few tactics and techniques, you can make any piece of content more compelling.

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No, I don’t mean to say that it’ll be a big time hit. But what it means is that you can always improve the quality of a particular piece of writing by making a few changes in it or adopting smart techniques of presentation.

Some think that a quality piece will be read by everyone no matter what. But what I believe is that people generally don’t feel motivated to read the entire piece if it is not visually appealing. They will skip sentences, try to scan the content or read some part of it that, they think, might be interesting.

Let us take a look at those techniques that can help you make your content more compelling.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Whenever you create content for your blog, website or social media page, remember not to hedge. Yes, telling a story is a different thing and giving description in website content is much required. But come straight to the point. Your message should be absolutely clear. Wrong selection of words and taking too long to convey the message lacks punch. It’s doesn’t give that feel to the reader that compels them to read further.

Different Content Require Different Writing Styles

What are you preparing – a sales pitch, a social media page, a blog post, an e-mailer, a newsletter or a research article?

Tone differs; the presentation style differs and the way of conveying the message also differs. Don’t mix the style.

Keep it Short

Very less people care how good you are at writing. They are more interesting in skimming the information. Most people don’t read the full-fledged piece of writing. They read the first few sentences and just scan the bullet points. The best policy is to divide the content in sub headings and explain briefly. There is another way to make people read your complete post. Be extremely humorous!

Provoke to Make People Respond

The best policy is not to try to address all the issues in one single post. Leave some issues unresolved and provoke people to respond. It may help you leave them wanting more or waiting for your next post.

Don’t be Formal

Stop sounding too sophisticated; instead try to write as if you’re talking to a friend. Without doubt, informal writing is not professional but being formal may sound too boring for your readers. Be natural and avoid looking robotic.

Trash Extra

Internet is a sea of information. Trash that extra portion of writing that doesn’t go with the idea of your post. Don’t unnecessarily stretch the content to make it look big. People don’t want extra words; they want extra insights.

These are a few techniques to make your post more interesting and attention grabbing. Share with us if you have any tips.

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