Interactive eBooks – A Step Ahead In Online Publishing

With the emergence of brands-turning-publishers, there have been quite a few interesting revolutions occurring in content publishing. Almost every day, we come across some new terms and new ways of content production and distribution.

Earlier we have written about how online publishing is more effective that traditional publishing.

Lazy day reading with the new Kindle Shane Lin (Photo Credits)

Book publishing is no exception and many brands have come up with several new exciting forms of online books or eBooks. They have taken the concept of eBooks far beyond just viewing and reading a book on a screen and are now offering real time book reading experience.

Whenever we talk about an eBook, most people take it as reading a book on a tablet or a computer instead of a print copy, with almost no or very little interactivity. Let us now erase that thought and actually understand how the concept of interactive eBooks has evolved.

From eBook to Interactive eBook

Gone are the days when reading an eBook on a device offered just a few additional features such as the ability to adjust the font size and highlight a particular section of interest. It barely gave a real time reading experience. Until recently, enhanced eBooks had grabbed the place of eBooks. Just as the name suggests, such books offer greater interactivity and enhanced experience to readers. The reason being, the publishers tie an audio, video or other multimedia content along with the text.

Interactive eBooks are the latest revolution, delivering a wholly interactive reading experience to audience where publishers not only use words but also make readers experience content in sight and sound. The use of three-dimensional diagrams, videos, animations, interactive infographics, quizzes and other tricks enable content marketers to attract and hold the attention of their audience.

There are numerous brands that have already published a few interactive eBooks for their audiences. However, many of these are children’s books, but nowadays you can also see some marketing-focused interactive eBooks online. is a site that offers examples of interactive eBooks and reviews them.

Examples of Interactive eBooks

Interactive eBooks take advantage of the tablet’s touch screen to deliver comprehensive reading experience to audiences in interesting ways. Such books have already gained a foothold in children’s publishing nowadays they are available for various other verticals and categories including blog, photography, cookbooks, music, art, travel, education, nonfiction, health and living and games.

Barefoot World Atlas

An interactive 3D globe for iPad that invites children to discover and learn about fascinating features of the planet earth. Designed in an exceptionally interactive manner, it makes use of rich and beautiful graphics showcasing natural features, landscapes, wildlife, great oceans, continents and important buildings. This is an interactive as well as interesting digital atlas beautifully conveying how the whole world is interconnected.

Do or Die by Clark Kokich

The first business interactive eBook published. Outlining how businesses survive and thrive in a world of continuous technological change, the book offers hyperlinked video interviews of the biggies of the business world – Shiv Singh from Pepsi Co and Carol Kruse of ESPN to name a few. In addition to this, it features profile case studies of brands like Nike, Virgin America, MillerCoors and others.

Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett

The book is on essential business lessons to lead, drive change and grow profits. It uses SnapTags, which is a customizable 2D mobile barcode.

Many other brands that turned publishers now have interactive multimedia content to tell their stories in more compelling ways. You can also think of something unique to grab the attention of your audience and interact with them.