How to Get Your Content in the Social Feeds of Your Audience and Enhance Your Visibility

Along with creating enough content, there is another major challenge in front of content marketers – getting the content in front of their audience in the most effective way possible. Yes, there are ways to publish content and be present almost everywhere but they may not work up to your expectations. At times, you may not find them reliable enough in your mission to connect and engage your audience.

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So, what to do in such a situation?

How to get your content in front of your audience, ensuring that they look at it, open it and read through it on daily basis?

There is a way out. You can do this by bringing content in their social feeds. In today’s world, when people rely heavily on social media channels and spend a lot of time browsing them and connecting with friends, acquaintances and brands, being present in their social feeds is the best way to get their attention. The strategy works best with even those audiences who visit their social network accounts less frequently.

With this, there comes another challenge.

How to get into their social feeds? Simply posting content on social media channels won’t be of much help. Moreover, you don’t know each of your customers, existing and potential, personally. How to be a part of their daily news feed?

There are people who can support you in your pursuit to being present in the social feeds of your audience. Let us take a look around and find who they are.

Your Employees

Although sharing content with your audience is not a part of the job description of your employees other than your creative/content team but you can ask them for a favor. Initially they may be reluctant in doing this and may not take it seriously. But you can prepare a pitch telling them this way they not only promote their company but also build their own brand.

Provide them with great content to share with their friends and acquaintances. Giving them the flexibility to generate content on their own and share it with everyone can also work incredibly.  People of a company are always the first one to help because the market position of the company brings its employees more opportunities for growth and status improvement. Company’s success or failure directly affects their career.

So, making them an integral part of your content marketing campaign is a great way to be present in the social feeds of your target audience through them.

Professional Bloggers

Professional bloggers always have an audience who regularly visits their blogs. They are aware of what goes well with people and what they expect. Contact professional bloggers who have great publishing presence in your niche. They have at least some portion of your prospective customers as their present audience.

Supply them with quality content to share on their blogs about you. By sharing your content on their blog, they spread a word about you as well as reinforce their personal brand of thought leaders. Ask them if they could share your content on social media channels as well as and spread it as much as possible.

Happy Customers

Happy customers themselves share your content or product reviews with their friends, family and professional networks. But if you ask them to do so, they will do it more frequently. They act as influencers, helping others in making decisions. Identify your happy customers who are active on social media and have the capability of influencing people.

By asking them to help you and share your content, you reinforce their belief in you as well as boost your status in front of their networks.

No doubt, creating quality content is really hectic but effective distribution is equally complex. Seeking help from employees, professionals and happy customers can turn out to be a great step in maximizing your brand awareness and effective distribution of each piece of content that you produce.

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