Does Your Content Marketing Has Context?

Well, as a savvy online marketer, you must be aware of the importance of content marketing in increasing your audience engagement and building fruitful relationships with your customers. We all focus on churning out great content but while doing this, we sometimes end up ignoring the other aspect of it.

Having the right context is equally important.

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So what does context mean with respect to content marketing?

Well, it’s about relevance, significance and application of content. Great content is read by people but relevant content prompts them to take an action, which is what you want from your audience.

Context Marketing

Context Marketing is all about sensing the behaviors and intents of your existing and prospective customers.

Knowing what they have recently read, watched or purchased is definitely important but understanding what they would like to watch, read or buy in future can keep you stay ahead from your competition. Past gives you valuable insights into the future, but for being successful you will have to understand the likely future intents of your prospects.

Elements of Context Marketing – What, When and Why

When we talk about context marketing, we try to establish a relationship between what, when and why.

For example, your prospect target may be young working professionals who like to gym, watch movies and attend fashion events but at the same time they are also a husband, wife, brother, sister, parent or a friend. They not only need electronic gadgets, formal outfits or party wears but they may buy other things as well for their loved ones.

So, understanding the complete persona of your buyers is really important.

Answers to the questions like what they can buy, approximately when they may buy and why they may buy play a critical role in helping you become pro-active. The crux of the matter is that a person may buy anything even if you think that doesn’t fit his or her lifestyle. Even if they are reluctant in buying some specific items, you can influence their decisions by supplying them with the content that sounds relevant to them and reinforces the utility of the product in their lives.

Social, Local and Mobile

Apart from what, when and why, there is another set of elements that successful context marketing comprises of. These include social, local and mobile elements. Social element cannot be ignored at any cost because in today’s era people seem to be more social than ever. Thanks to social networking sites!

You can find out what type of content your prospect customer likes to read, like, share and comment on. Context marketing involves harnessing this situation or environment in which the prospects shares content. However, this is not one time activity as the amount, context and time of content consumption keeps on changing frequently.

Location-based/local connections of your prospect customers can also help you sense their affinity towards certain things or products. Plus their browsing from mobile devices says a lot about their intent. Most of the times, they look for things or products that they want to buy in near future.

So, in order to be successful in your content marketing efforts, you need to tap their online activities and understand their future intent. The context and intent need to be at the center of your online marketing activities.

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