How to Be a Successful and Effective Context Marketer?

In the previous post, we talked about the importance and elements of context marketing. More specifically, we looked at how the understanding and analysis of your prospective buyer’s persona can help you become pro-active in your approach. In this post we will discuss how to be an effective context marketer.

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But this was just the beginning and gave you a short stint of the complete picture. Once you’ve understood the importance of having context, the next step is to being an effective context marketer. Having the knowledge is not sufficient; to bear fruits you actually have to utilize it and take an action.

You can’t be an effective context marketer overnight; nor can you apply all your knowledge and resources immediately. Rather it’s a gradual process and involves a lot of time and honest effort. Consistency and persistence are two important elements that you need to exhibit throughout the process.

Well, here are some initial tips on how to become an effective context marketer. Take a look and see how they can work for you.

Understanding Customer Personas

Just begin by understanding your main customer, their interests, their networks, online activities, their backgrounds, pain points and even their dislikes. Understand their personality and see how they react to certain things or news. This will help you gain deep insights into their psychology.

Understanding Their Networks

Analyze how well connected they are within their circles. Find out how active they are on networking sites and what type of people they like to converse with. What is at the center of their discussions, communication or conversations? How influential they are? Do they have the capability to influence their friends or people in their networks?

Where They Stop

Study how they navigate your site, where they spend time and what product categories they generally browse. Assessing their actions, you can actually find out whether they are price conscious, brand conscious or quality conscious. Some people stick to particular things while some like to be adventurous and go on trying out new things each time.

How They Reached You

How browsers found your website can also help you know what exactly they search for and what all they are interested in. Keywords punched in the search engine can be taken as the signals of the customer’s intent.

Track Them on Social Media

There is no secret on social media. You can even peep into the personal lives of your prospects. Likes and re-tweets explicitly show their interests. Once you know about their interests and needs, you can harness the power of context and supply them with relevant content when trying to establish communication with them.

Deliver Content with Context

Delivering excellent content in context to browsers needs and intent increases the impact of your marketing efforts. This is how you establish meaningful relationships with CTA (call to action) leads.

Creating great content is certainly the best way to drive traffic to your website but delivering content in the right context at the right time influences the purchase decision of a buyer.

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