Content Strategy for Personal Branding

Well, not only the organizations need content strategy to build their reputation but individuals also are in its equal need, to establish their personal brand.

Oh, you might be thinking that you already have a stable and secure job. But then, security doesn’t mean popularity. It doesn’t guarantee you a great career graph. You may keep aspiring for a better role all through your life and it may never come to you.

Stability doesn’t make use of your spontaneity. It doesn’t get you anything except a few words of appreciation. No matter where you are, you need to show your intellectual nerve to your colleagues, superiors and subordinates. In fact, you need to develop yourself as a key player, as an individual of substance.

Self-Focused Content Strategy

A self-focused content strategy can help you make difference in your life and establish yourself as an influential person in your network. In the era of internet when we are a constant consumer of information, it’s important to give back to the community. It serves two motives – one, fulfills your responsibility; two, you can focus on personal branding.

You can consider creating your content assets that can touch people far beyond you can actually reach. By doing this, you not only invite positive changes in your life but also influence other people who you may not even know.

Engaging people in conversations and inducing active response works best in today’s scenario. In fact, a good percentage of online business nowadays depends upon the same. If you want to make name in the same field you’re working, identify the topics in your industry that you think are hot. You can start your own blog or submit posts on other blogs as guests. You may also join groups on social networking sites and participate in discussions.

Initially, you can start by contributing less, around two or three posts a month and later on you can write as and when you get time. You don’t need to create lengthy posts. The idea is to be consistent and regular, as much as you can, in your efforts.

It is not always necessary to remain associated with your core field. You might develop a blog around your hobby or something that you always wanted to do but could not do. If this seems tough, join some community that gives you a chance to connect with other people having the same hobby. Learn and teach by sharing your experiences and knowledge.

Being present online is no longer restricted to organizations. In fact, individuals also need to show how social they are and how influential they can be in their network. Many companies nowadays target talent by searching them online and finding good influencers. Even if you’re in any of the fields related to marketing, human resources, people management, digital marketing, companies hire you on the basis of your presence on online communities. Having a wide network where you act as an influencer is a big plus. Your content online can really help you fetch your dream job. Even offline content, published in local, national or international magazines, booklets, newspapers plays an important role.

Plan your content strategy and begin to put efforts in establishing your personal branding today only!

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