Working on Content Strategy – Basics to keep in mind

Content Marketing is the buzz word today. Content Strategy Basics that follow should help you get started in a right way.

But do not think of content marketing as it is something from out of this world. It is a part – and important one at that – of good old marketing  Right way to look at marketing is not see it as a way of promoting or advertising a product or service. Rather it should be seen and used as the interaction/communication/conversation between the organization and people – to fulfill business goals. This is true for your content marketing efforts also.

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Most organizations are guilty of considering marketing just a promotional activity and they often fall into the trap. The term marketing extends far beyond than its traditional definition and includes various aspects right from the sales behavior, customer services, content production, product promotion, connection with people and of course the quality of products that are to be sold.

The company-client relationship has changed over a period of time and nowadays, it’s not restricted to just buying and selling. Today, we talk about knowledge sharing, connecting with people and indulging in meaningful conversations with them.

Now purchase is no longer a financial or need based decision; instead it’s an emotional decision. In today’s tough competition and saturated markets, when everyone is selling almost similar products, it is important to sell emotions. People buy emotions and experiences.

Content Strategy Basics

So, when working on a content marketing strategy, keep these things in mind or else be ready to face the failure. There are numerous other things that you need to think upon when deciding a strategy for your content marketing campaign. Here are a few major ones. Take a look at them:

Change in Company Client Relationship

As mentioned earlier, there has been a complete flip in company-client relationship. Previously, organizations used to control the conversation and sold whatever they produced. Now customers control the conversation and buy what they feel can add value to their life. It’s the organization that needs to sense and respond to their requirements correctly before anyone else does it.

It’s ideal to drop the old thought and embrace customer-centric approach.

Distance Between Company and Customer Has Disappeared

Long live the internet! The distance between company and customer has totally disappeared and you’re exposed to a global marketplace. You come across with different people and communities and really don’t have space and time to play tricks.

So, ensure that whatever content you produce doesn’t harm the emotions and sentiments of people.  Have a complete control on the message that’s going out to people through your organization on any channel or platform.

Transparency is an Absolute Requirement

Through social media, customers or your audience is well connected with each other. So, you’re under constant scrutiny. Don’t even try to be secretive with the quality and price of your products as well as your messages. In today’s scenario, you really can’t afford to behave unethically as you’re constantly under the lens. Try to be as transparent as possible in all your dealings as well as conversations. Nowadays, misdeeds and mistreats are revealed quicker than you can ever imagine.

Embrace Social Media

Presence on social media is indispensable nowadays. If you’re still not ready to embrace social media, you are seriously missing the richer opportunities. Include this aspect in your content marketing strategy and decide an approach to create supportive culture. Think how to involve your employees in your social media efforts.

Whenever you work on your content marketing strategy, create social guidelines and procedures after a detailed research and analysis to help yourself navigate smoothly. Consider these elements during strategy making process to ensure that people have only positive things to say about you.

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