Content Marketing Lessons From Intel’s Crowdsourced Online Magazine Initiative

IQ by Intel is an online magazine featuring news and articles from across the globe as well as original stories. The best part is that the magazine is curated by employees and global partners of Intel. They choose and share the news and articles from the sea of information scanned by special tools developed by Intel.

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IQ by Intel Peeks into What People are Sharing Online

The magazine steals a look at the latest technology, new age designing, social content and data that’s grabbing attention. The idea behind developing this intelligent back-end was that Intel wanted to find out, understand and share what their employees are finding valuable and sharing. According to Bryan Rhoads, the editor in chief of IQ by Intel, the magazine is a combination of social algorithm and an employee filter that crowdsources what they are saying, sharing and what’s grabbing their attention.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

IQ by Intel Aims to Connect with a Younger Audience

Bryan further says that the goal of IQ is to connect with a younger audience and tell them who they are as a brand. As a company, they assume that there are many people who they don’t know them and therefore they need to tell them the story of Intel that is beyond PCs and processors. He goes on to say that right now the magazine’s front page is made up from the stories from the popular sites/blogs including Mashable, The Next Web, Tech Crunch and Engadget along with a fair portion of original content. (Excerpts from Bryan’s interview with AdAge)

IQ by Intel Focuses on Tomorrow

Being Intel, they know what’s next in devices and computing technology. In a meeting with Tom Foremski, Bryan says that the main focus of IQ is on tomorrow and the types of things can and will possibly do with the technology. However, the content doesn’t focus only on technology but also on the context of that particular technology. So, it’s not entirely a techno magazine. It is divided into three parts – media, life and planet and each single part is color coded, so that people can easily identify the sections.

What Content Marketers Can Learn from Intel’s Initiative?

Without a doubt, Intel is one of the topmost visionaries and they are well aware of what’s next in the field of technology. However, as a content marketer, you can also learn a lot from Intel’s initiative no matter whether you’re a technology firm or not.

Employee-Driven Content Creation Curation Engine

IQ by Intel is backed by a huge army of its employees. The content is curated by Intel’s staff using special tools developed by their employees. The magazine features and shares what employees find interesting and worth sharing. Companies can learn from Intel how to optimally utilize what their employees like to increase brand awareness.

Visual Content

Being Intel, they know what audience is going to expect in future. Paired with photography and artwork, IQ by Intel is all capable of grabbing the attention of readers with its amazing graphics.

Content Travels Through Social Feeds

Well, Intel is clear about how they want their content to travel. According to Bryan Rhoads, their site is not the destination instead they are more concerned about likes, shares, re-tweets and comments on social media. They want to become a part of the life of their audience through social feeds.