4 Hallmarks of Compelling Content for Economy-Focused Buyers

We are constantly tweeting and posting on Facebook and LinkedIn and are advertising on every other emerging platform. That’s all we can do. Customers really don’t want to spend much.This is how the thinking of most businesses goes.

Businesses don’t feel the need of doing anything different or more substantial. As it’s becoming more and more difficult to establish communication with your prospects and influence their purchase decision, high quality content is required more than ever.

The attention is harder to grab more than ever especially when budget uncertainty across the world is growing. Buyers now look for more deals, discounts and schemes; and not only this, they use a wide variety of sources to make research before making any purchase.

1. Compelling Content Shifts Focus from Price to Value

When customers are more focused on price, high quality content can demonstrate a set of compelling reasons why they should buy a particular product of service instead of others available in the market at the lesser prices. Persuasive content shifts their focus from price to the value of the product.

My personal experience of buying electronics reinforces the fact that superior content is the best to connect with the buyers and shift their focus from price to value and utility. I was never a photographer. I was happy capturing moments from the smart phone’s camera. One day I thought of buying a small pocket camera and had, kind of, decided on a particular model that I thought won’t ruin my budget, after much research on the internet.

However, future had something else and I accidently clicked on the picture of a Nikon DSLR camera. I enjoyed reading the product description so much that I got keen in collecting more and more information about it. Although it priced four times more than the budget I had set for myself but I went on to explore more and more about it.  I had made my mind and bought a Nikon for myself. Trust me, I don’t regret my decision.

Nikon is known to be a class apart when it comes to cameras. The company understands quite well that the quality in their message and focus on substance is extremely valuable. They are capable of selling high-end cameras to ordinary people who don’t even know more than just pushing the click button to capture photographs.

Not only this, they also support their buyers by making them learn how to use cameras by organizing one-day photography courses. If they sell products, they try to ensure that people are at least able to understand the basic functions.

2. Compelling Content Serves the Short Attention Span

Compelling content is designed keeping in mind that buyers’ time is precious. They want to know more with lesser words and if they connect, they will go deeper in details. In the current scenario, buyers are overloaded with information more than ever and in future the scenario will get worse.

The need is to offer relevant content that serves the short attention span of the browsers. So, even if economy-focused buyers spend more time in researching than anyone else, they need content that is quick to read and easy to digest and offers precise information.

3. Compelling Content Provokes Thoughtfulness

One of the hallmarks of compelling content is that it provokes thoughtfulness. However, you need to ensure that the idea pipeline is full and you have to say something different than what you have said today. The idea is to encourage thoughtfulness while keeping the communication fresh.

4. Compelling Content is Rigorously Logical

There is no doubt in that high quality content is extremely important. But it should be rigorously logical throughout. It’s true that customers buy emotions today but the message should be well supported by consistent and tight logic. Not only this, it should use the language and concepts that your audience can easily understand.

The bottom line is to understand the woes of the buyers and provide content that really helps them overcoming the challenges in decision making process.

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