Community Driven Content – Let Your Audience Drive Your Content Marketing Program

Well, as a content marketer, you always try to cover the topics that are either latest or you think are important to promoting your company.


You share your brand stories, talk about product launches or latest addition to your team and other announcements. When you don’t have any such things to share, you develop content for your corporate blogs or social media that revolves around the topics that you find interesting.

You already know how to collaborate with clients for your content marketing campaign – but what about your audience? What about the topics that they find relevant? What about their problems?

Your customers already know about your company. Yes, it’s important to feed them about what’s new at your end but it’s much more important to take care of their needs. Know what they want and address their issues and problems.

Let your audience drive your content marketing program.

Don’t think that you will lag behind in your content marketing campaign if you don’t cover the latest topics. In fact, community-driven content itself is the latest trend that helps brands keep connected with their customers. It showcases that brands are aware of their issues and are working towards resolving them. A community-driven content marketing program helps brands establish near real-time communication with their audience, serving as a platform for both getting recognition and resolution. Brands can build their image and customers can resolve their problems.

How to Create Community-Driven Content?

Creating community-driven content can be a cumbersome task and can take really long in the beginning. However, once you get into the habit, you can effectively use this foolproof way to drive traffic to your business site and provide value to your community.

Listed here are a few practices that can help you create community-driven content. Let us take a look and understand what it takes to create and publish such content.

1. Brainstorm with Your Sales Team

Who better than your sales guys knows the pain points of your customers? They know both your business and your customers inside out. Sit down with them; do some brainstorming and list out the pain points of your customers, to use them as a basis of your content series.

2. Make a List of Common Questions

Try to find out a list of frequently asked questions or complaints that need immediate assistance. Find them out from your social media pages, forums, blog comments or any other space you own or are present online. Involve your employees and try to develop a way that resolves these complaints and answers questions while personally recognizing each customer.

3. Talk to Your Customer Support and Customer Relationship Management Team

As they are in touch with your customers 24/7, they can suggest you what area you need to work upon. They are the first ones who constantly make effort to safeguard your brand’s integrity and are always at the receiving end. Ask them what problems they face frequently and how they resolve them. Answer these points or share with your audiences on social media, blogs or any other space.

These are just a few tips to create community-driven content and not the sure shot ways to establish your brand. So, next time when you really want to do something different or are looking for new content ideas, look for the pain points of your customers and get to them through content. They will certainly appreciate your effort and may even give their valuable feedback.

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