Do your potential customers know you are there?

If we look at some of the successful businesses in the world, we will find that there is common thread that runs through all of them. Their customers know that they are there!

1948 Willys Jeepster Announcement Alden Jewell (Photo credits)

On one my assignments last year with a German FMCG giant, I had the privilege of getting some insights into what makes them successful world over.

During an interaction, their head of operations talked about their marketing strategy and he declared, ‘by month end everybody in the state would know we are there and have begun operations’.

It was just a matter of time and literally everyone in city knew about their presence. Through focused integrated marketing communication they were able to identify the target audience and then reach out to them.

While it is easy for some businesses to spot and catch their customer’s attention, it is difficult for many to identify where to target marketing communication for your potential customers to know about your existence.

Targeting your communication

In order to reach out to potential customers, it is more important to understand where to catch them. You may need to understand his lifestyle – what, where, when, how and why’s of his everything he does. Trust me it is no big deal! There are organisations who understand their customers better than customers understand themselves.

Same communication might appear mindless at one place and exciting at yet another. Identifying where to focus your communication becomes the basis for successful marketing communication.

Continuous communication

Business success to a large extent relies upon your customer base.  It may however not be possible to increase consumption beyond a certain level in the same customer. The key is widening the client base which is possible only with continuous communication.

Many organisations stop communicating with their customers after initial success, saying it wants to serve the existing clients well. Doesn’t work always, especially if you stop communicating! For your potential customers to know you are there, organisations need to engage in continuous communication.

An email newsletter is a good way of doing it.

Online Presence

Increasingly customers choose internet to know about businesses and even make purchases online. This is true for emerging markets as well. Not only do you require a website to offer information on products and services, you require a website to let your customers get in touch with you, make purchases, ask for discounts and build a relationship.

Yes, I am talking of engagement. It works the best out of all the marketing strategies. Building a relationship even before you try to sell your product / service! What do you say?

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