Your Online Personality – What It Says About You?

Personality is what sets people apart from one another. It is equally true about entities like organizations, websites, cultures, phenomena etc.

Is it true about your business as well? Yes, it is! You have a personality online.

With more and more organizations turning to online content marketing, it is important to establish a personality of your business for creating a specific image in the eyes of your readers.

Your readers should know you for something – a solution, an answer, insight, value, logic, light, simplicity, clarity, ease, leisure. Anything, depending on what do you want to present on the internet or what you expect them to know you for?

Take a Closer Look!

Let’s try and look at it more closely. On a macro level people will remember your brand for the traits we discussed above. This is what strikes their mind when they talk about or hear about you online.

There are, however, some finer aspects of your brand personality that you need to work upon in order to create a macro picture.

Let’s utter the technical terms – blog posts, white papers, research articles, social media interactions, frequency of posts and interactions, quality of content, type of content, layout, color scheme, graphics, organization and distribution of content.

If you write technical reviews about products / gadgets, does your audience rely upon every bit of the information you post or do they just come to know what the latest is?

Does the information you post impact the purchase decision/s of your readers?

In other words, what is the level of credibility of your posts, articles and updates? What I mean to say is whether or not your content is serving the purpose both from your perspective and from the perspective of your reader.

Why is it important?

It is because the personality of your brand on the internet reflects upon the impact and ultimately the effectiveness of your content.

To start with, think of the elements that define your brand personality. These items then become heads which you can then assess on a scale of ten. For example, one of the heads could be layout. On a scale of ten (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest), how much would you give to your current layout.

In assessment of layout, for example, you could ask yourselves the following questions.

  • Is the layout in tandem with your theme or industry vertical you operate in?
  • What does the color scheme reflect?
  • From the readers perspective – does the website/blog/social media page offer ease in navigation?

You could add plenty of questions depending upon the kind of blog you have. Feedback from others is vital; they see beyond what you can!

Apart from layout, there can be other heads as well. What does your about us page say?

  • Does it ditch your image online?
  • Are you bragging about yourself?
  • Is it too boring to read?
  • Is it reflecting exactly what you want to say?

There could be other things as well.

  • Do you still feel the need to push keywords in titles?
  • Is your content searchable in organic results?
  • Does your title sound bizarre when you include keyword?

Your personal interactions say a lot about you.

  • How much are your social shares?
  • Do your readers religiously follow your updates?
  • How frequently they comment on your updates?

Like these, when you assess all the heads together, you can find out new and viable ways to establish the personality of your brand online.

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