What Not to Do with Your Online Presence

Till now you must have read about what-to-do’s and how-to-do’s to establish your online reputation and capitalize on it. But let me tell you there is a set of not-to-do’s as well that you need to follow to keep up your online image.

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Handling a content marketing campaign is never a piece of cake but if you somehow have managed to sail through the process and have successfully reached a specific status, here is a list of not-to-do’s that you should do to keep your presence on the world wide web on the right track.

1. Do not forget about your online marketing campaigns

If you have gained success on one platform through your content, do not forget about other channels. Be constant in your efforts and try to encourage interactions with your potential and existing customers on those platforms as well.

The idea is if once you have started a marketing campaign, be consistence in your efforts so that gradually, you gain a visibility.

2. Do not consider your social media page a substitute for your website

Regardless of how popular you are on your social media page, make sure that you have a full-fledged, fully-functional, feature-packed and highly functional business website. As your ultimate aim is to sell products online, your potential customers would like to visit your website and shop from there.

Don’t consider your social media page a substitute for a good business website. in addition to this, create custom landing pages that can offer browsers exactly what they need.

3. Don’t leave your customers wondering how to contact you

Your contact details are most important. Whenever a reader or browser is interested in you, they always want to visit your website, call or email for making inquiries. Not only this, offer contact details everywhere on social media, blog posts, listings or any other online space that you own or use.

It will be better if you provide them with accurate information regarding hours of operations, address, ways and channels through which they can contact you.

4. Do not ever abuse on a social platform

You use social media platforms to establish your goodwill and brand credibility. It’s important to watch your words. Be ready to take criticism because not everyone can be your fan or follower. Do not lose your temper and abuse anyone, any person or organization at any cost.

Demonstrate patience and sophistication or else get ready to lose your existing customers or loyal reader base.

5. Do not assume anything

The most important thing is not to assume anything when in business. Manage your online reputation and be very careful about it. Don’t let your inner turmoil or instability show on your business blog on social media page.

In addition, it is better to ask for readers’ opinions instead of assuming anything.

6. Do not forget that your employees are your first customers

How do you expect your external customers to be your fan unless your internal customers aren’t happy to show it? Make them join your content marketing campaign and publish a few comments or posts on regular basis.

Reward them so that they are motivated to contribute more and better.

7. Do not forget that happy customers are your brand ambassadors

Don’t underestimate this fact that you can capitalize on your happy and satisfied customers. After all they are your best brand ambassadors. Ask some of them to share their experiences, reviews about your products, credibility of your services or your response on social media pages.

Make sure they are sharing only the good things about you. Motivate them to spread the word of mouth as much as possible.

8. Do not underestimate the importance of a mobile website

Nowadays a majority of browsers access internet from their mobile devices because of the convenience associated with it. Have a fully-functional yet light weight and responsive mobile website, offering them complete comfort to contact you the way they want to.

Not only website, they also access social media pages through their mobile devices. Ensure that all your online space is mobile friendly.

So, here is your list of not-to-do’s for the year 2013. Please add if you think I’ve missed on something.

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