What Is Brandscaping and How Important Is It in Current Scenario?

Have you ever thought of partnering with a company that has a portion of or entire target audience similar to yours? Have you ever tried to find out whose current customers can be your next customers?

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If no, start analyzing as it’s becoming the hottest trend in the industry to expand customer base and engage more and more people, while reducing the cost and increasing the effectiveness of content marketing.

What is Brandscaping?

Brandscaping is all about creating relevant partnerships with other brands for content marketing to drive consideration, increase demand and add to revenue. It relies on creating relevant and compelling content and delivering it frequently to inform, inspire and engage the audience, just like media companies. However, you need not rely just on a media company to have access to your audience; rather you can enter into partnerships with other companies, build content relationships with them, pool your media and financial resources and share your audience. This way, you not only get to expand your customer base but also get access to their audience too.

A media and marketing strategist, Andrew Davis has written a book on Brandscaping – Unleashing the Power of Partnerships. In this book, he talks about creating a trusted relationship with another brand that already deals with your next customers. He suggests businesses to focus not only on pooling the audience but also to target even undiscovered talent and drive demand by creating and promoting content.

He further talks about how unconventional brand partnerships can lead to unmatched marketing success. His book gives an insightful take on how to start Brandscaping and create compelling content to drive consideration while keeping in budget. In today’s internet era, when everyone is a customer or is interested in some or other info, it’s important to deliver information frequently that fits their needs and interests.

Brandscaping – Creating a Win-Win Content Marketing Strategy

Brandscaping is an intellectual decision. You just can’t go on to partner with any company to create demand. It’s really important to analyze how a partnership with other brand can help you connect with your existing customers and expand your clientele. In addition, you also need to see how your marketing message is amplified and evokes a desired response from your audience. Besides, it should help you in keeping your expenses as low as possible.

For example, if you enter into a partnership with one company, you should be able to reduce your expenses to half to create content and look to attract double the audience. Similarly, if there are five partners, each should spend one-fifth of the total expense, while looking to attract five times the audience.

Who Owns Your Audience?

When thinking of Brandscaping, you need to analyze who owns your audience. You need to enter into a partnership with those brands with which you have overlapping audience. It is not necessary to have exactly same target audience; rather you can also consider partnering with those who have some portion of readers/audience similar to yours. This is the heart of Brandscaping.

Content marketing is an on-going process. However, in the era of information overload, brands need to come up with different strategies to connect with their audience.

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  1. Shivani,
    Great post! Thank you for taking the time to express Brandscaping as a valuable marketing methodology!

    It looks as though you enjoyed the book! Thanks for sharing it with your audience. Let me know if I can help in anyway!

  2. Thanks Andrew.
    Congrats on the book.
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