Multiple Reasons User-Generated Content Is Still Awesome

User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) also known as consumer-generated media (CGM) refers to the stuffs on website created by the users of the website.  There are huge advantages of this kind of stuffs.  It seems contests and giveaways are the best ways to get loads of free content on your website.

After looking the grand success of Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; we started seeing more and more user-generated content floating around the web.  Among all the different digital pies, user-generated content has been the biggest soft corner of every digital marketer.

User-generated content is what we all are engaged with on a daily basis both – online and offline.  It’s everywhere – from social media sites – free blogs – Amazon products reviews – to some sort of blogging.

Despite all negative buzzes on its SEO benefits brands often use these kinds of content as a pillar of successful content marketing.

Users love to share their stuffs

It’s not that you need to have to request your readers to share something on your site.  The fact is users themselves are quite motivated to share their own creativity and stuffs.

Users themselves like to make friends and fans, create comments and reviews, give opinions and tips, etc.

Let your fans do the talking

Brands first responsibility is to let the users do what they want to do – from free registration – to free engagements.

Better user engagement

Associating the voices of your website community like professionals can drive higher levels of interest and engagement.  Community members are more intended to comment and share your website content on their own site as well as on your site.

Viral Potential

It’s not a hidden secret that UGC has been the proven potential to go viral on the web.  They feel good to watch and share – viral.  More often this seems on the comment section on various blogs where the UGC is far greater than staff-generated content.

It can save you $$$

It can save you time and money.  Instead of spending hours and hours of time researching and creating content and paying freelancers or employees to write content after content, through user-generated content campaign you could have the tons of content for free.

The power of your brand’s users and their generated stuff is not to be taken lightly.  As your brand’s power grows, responsibilities grow with the same pace.

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