Is More Content Better for Your Organization?

Churning out more and more content to connect with the audience is the most difficult challenge that businesses are facing nowadays.

No matter at what level they operate, they are in a race of publishing more articles, more blog posts, more ebooks, more videos and more messages on social media. Nothing seems to be sufficient. Obviously producing more content requires more investment. It seems out of question for most businesses to cut down on the expenses involved in content production and publish.

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Before you get into this – it is important to ask,

Is More Content Better

Is it getting you the desired results? Is your audience really noticing you? Well, it’s really difficult to say.

Budget vs. Quality

It’s really difficult to say whether more works better or less is capable to fetch you the desired attention or business for that matter. But almost every content writing and marketing agency has been promoting that more is better and organizations of all sizes should increase their investment on content production and marketing.

On the flip side, organizations too are trying to get the maximum out of their contractors/content writing agency while paying them as little as possible. Although there is nothing wrong in getting the best at least investment, but ultimately it lowers down the quality of the content. Low budget for more content means low quality.

Brands Becoming Publishers

Brands are becoming publishers. Some of the most prolific brands have already achieved this status while many others are on this way. I’m not saying it’s wrong; it’s absolutely wonderful till the time they are able to produce quality and unique content. But this doesn’t seem working for everyone out there. After a point of time, they adopt the ways and means what others have and lose their uniqueness.

Small or mid-size organizations may start facing financial difficulties in continuing their content production on a large scale; so they try to work with companies that promise them to churn out bulk content at low prices. This is where it all starts – meaningless content marketing making them only a part of the crowd.

Is Less Better?

One thing is certain that in today’s information age readers are continually bombarded with lots of information on everyday basis and most of them do not have an appetite for that.

Does this mean, less is better when everyone is looking for ways to produce more and more content?

Well, it’s difficult to say. Being consistent in content marketing is very well required but people will only read your content if you have something different or unique to say. It may also mean presenting the same information but in different manner.

More content won’t do any good to your business if it is unable to fetch you the desired attention. This means the right quantity is something that brings you results and is within your budget.

Less can prove to be better if you have something different to say or some unique way to present the old info.

In recent years, more was better; still it is considered the same way. There are numerous good sites that proved how one could get amazing traction by publishing more. More content would offer more visibility on social networking sites.

After that, there are companies that started creating content in niche areas; became more focused; adopted more streamlined approach. It was certainly the time for more. But in today’s scenario when internet has turned into a sea of information, it’s quite difficult to say.

But one thing is certain; people are interested in something that is worth reading. So, the mantra is say something that is significant.

Content Marketing Getting Cluttered

Around 80 percent of active online businesses rely on content marketing in some or other form. But most of them barely have a clue about what they are publishing. They are creating and publishing content just because others are doing and it’s a standard.

This makes content marketing cluttered and disorderly. Everything seems so similar. The need is to produce epic content, so that you can stand apart from the rest and achieve a particular status. Shortcuts may not work any longer.  In fact, they won’t work.

Are We Already into the Next Phase of Content Marketing?

So, if more content doesn’t seem to work better, does it mean we are already into the next phase of content marketing?

If you have been thinking how to get better out of less; yes, I would say that we have already moved on.

If we are trying to publish better content than more, we have already stepped into the next phase of content marketing, which is not only about presenting information but saying that is worth saying.

If from somewhere you’re getting to know that your content is seriously affecting the lives of your readers, we are already there in the next to the information age.

So, breaking through the contaminated content is seriously required to get the desired results and make every post worth reading. It may take longer, involve more expense but then, it’s worth all this.

Content marketing is the sole of internet marketing; thus businesses need to be extremely careful to deal with it. The responsibility for creating the epic content is on all of us as every one of us is a reader or audience. We are not only the creators but also the consumers.

So, we are moving in the age of creating less but classic!

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