How Brands Are Becoming Producers and Publishers in Pursuit of Achieving Content Excellence?

Who is not hungry for the content that evokes a desired response from the reader, earns links to the company website or product pages, converts users into customers and is shared by most of the browsers who read it? Well, without doubt, content is the most important aspect of your online business, no matter which industry you operate in, what level you function at or how much competition you face.

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Let me make myself clear right in the beginning that whenever I talk about the content, I don’t mean to consider just the press releases, articles or blog posts. In fact, by content I mean any type of textual, pictorial, and video graphical content or any other material that helps you reach out your audience. It is crucial to understand that each and every message you produce in either of the forms matters a lot. Content marketing has always been hot and it will continue to be.

Many brands, including big and small, understand this fact that the key to win online is to generate compelling and unique content. They just can’t be the users of the content; rather they need to become the producers as well as publishers of the content. It is true that in this informational age, our attention span and patience level have become shorter than ever and we want to consume quick information. But there are brands that have been actually violating this rule and are still successful in convincing the audience. They are generating both short and long content but are able to induce desired response from their audiences.

“Red Bull Gives You Wings”

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world sold by Red Bull Gmbh, an Austrian company. Marketed through events, videos, celebrity endorsements, sports team ownerships, television ads and music, it is one of the most popular energy drinks in the whole world. The company supports its content through owning its very own media house and covers TV, web, digital databases and newsfeeds. What is surprising is that the Red Bull content on YouTube has generated around 300 million views to date. The Content Strategist, a popular blog on social media, content marketing, blogging and content design, describes the content strategy of the Red Bull at length. It gives a complete description of how it began, went big with digital content and focused on socializing online and offline.

The Coca-Cola Company

According to Interbrand’s best global brand 2011, Coca Cola has been nominated as the world’s most valuable brand. Manufacturing soft drinks in various flavors, the company has proved dominance in the world soft-drink market. The company’s current marketing mission statement is Content 2020, a brainchild of Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence. The company has come up with numerous long videos that are worth watching if you’re interested in knowing what brands are up to and what they are going to do about their content. These videos lay out the strategic vision for their marketing team for future. Their mission is to move from creative excellence to content excellence, with a commitment to making world a better place. The complete story and marketing mission Content 2020 is covered by Joe Pulizzi on

Tumblr Looking Out to Hire Writers and Editors

Tumblr is a popular social blogging site that was hiring writers and editors until a few months ago to cover the new ideas and themes by people from across the world. The move is dedicated to tab into the free content that users upload on social networking sites.

Moreover, their work will be published on the site’s staff blog. Their aim is to create in-house original content so that users can increase the amount of time on the website. It will ultimately increase the value of advertisers on the website. The news was originally covered in The New York Times in its February issue in 2012.

These are just a few examples showcasing how brands are becoming producers and publishers of content in order to increase the interests of the customers. They are putting in efforts to create more compelling stories in innovative ways to win long lasting attention of the existing as well as potential customers.

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