Getting Personal with Your Audience – Good or Bad

Every business wants to grow.

A solopreneur wants to grow into a small business at least and a small business into a mid-size company and a mid-size business into a big one. Generally start-ups and small businesses have their hands full with so many things that they almost forget other important things that can fetch them huge business without actually taking up so much pain and spending big money.

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Needless to say, if a company is able to find time to socialize with their target audience on social media channels, they can increase their chances of expanding their customer base manifolds. Although nearly half of the companies fail to do so but the other half, not to say the successful one, does it so well that they become an integral part of their customers’ day-to-day living. They become personal with their audience and cash on that (get business by establishing relationships).

Well, getting personal with your audience may not seem a good thing to many businesses but it can really help companies gain an innovative edge in this tough economy. If you’re wondering how to get personal with the clients and become an integral part of their day-to-day lives, let me spill the beans and furnish you with some examples.

It is now an established fact that social networking on the internet can be your key to success, provided you make a great show. However, getting a little farther can help more in establishing a personal relationship with your clients.

For example, if you’re a dentist, you can receive more customers just by being in touch with your regular customers. Offer them small advice when they are in trouble. Make suggestions if their kids are suffering from tooth-ache. There are people who forget when to take medicines or what’s the right dosage. You can extend your help through social media channels just when they need it. You may inquire about their situation or kids’ dental problems the very next day. Obviously, this is seen by other browsers as well, which makes them feel great.

Although there are plenty of suggestions, information and advice available online but they are general. People need tailored suggestions without actually going through that long process of taking an appointment and visiting the clinic. Such small favors are always welcome and your clients don’t realize when you became an integral part of their lives.

If you run a fashion or clothing store, you can extend advice or suggestions related to color combinations or help them select the right dress for a particular occasion. You can suggest them the appropriate attire, depending upon their height, weight and color complexion. Such specific advice help them be a part of the daily life of your clients without giving the feeling of intruding in their privacy.

Simply wishing their birthday or congratulating them on their weddings can also be a great way to lay foundation for a fruitful relationship. 2012 was all about connecting with the audience and engaging them into a discussion; however, 2013 will be much about establishing relationship with the clients.

One needs to remember that it has to be so smoothly and carefully, so that your audience doesn’t feel that you are intruding their privacy. In fact, they must feel great about it. Secondly, it’s all about adding value to their life. Till the time you give honest suggestions that are of some value, they are welcome. So, it’s important to draw a line and know where to stop. It shouldn’t give rise to any controversies.

Be careful in your pursuit to become an integral part of your audience daily living. Be genuinely interested in helping people and resolving their questions.

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