Quick Tips to Get More from Your Content Marketing Campaign

You’re happy that your team is spinning good content and your work is bringing great results to you. However, there is more to it. You can really get more than what you’re getting at the moment from your content marketing campaign. And when you can get more, why to settle down for less?

So, how can you get better results with your same content marketing campaign?

Remix Just as the Musicians Do!

The answer is – remix the content and promote it in a different just as the musicians do with the hit tracks. They remix, change the tone and present in a different manner to a different set of audience. Some like classical while others like the remix version.

The same thing happens to your content. A particular set of audience likes it in the form of blog posts while some are interested in reading an eBook to get a thorough idea of it. Then, there is a segment of audience that likes podcasts, power point presentations or social media posts.

The idea of remixing the content is to connect with a wider audience with almost similar content (presentation is different) and multiply your outcomes by several times. This can also create added awareness, boost customer interest and increase traffic to your website while keeping the cost of content production almost similar.

How to Remix and Reuse the Content?

Here are a few useful tips using which you can remix and reuse your content, helping you touch a wider audience base and get better results from your content marketing campaign.

Record and Go Live

Don’t you think live solutions will take you a level ahead? Certainly they would! Why don’t you consider recording your events or advices for customers and start downloadable online programs? These can be considered as interactive training sessions or live advices to your customers or answers to readers’ questions.

For this, you don’t need to hire a professional who can record videos for you. You can do wonders with you HD webcam to create quality videos. You can also try out producing a video with your smart phone recording device.

Create a Podcast series and expand your reach by conveying valuable information or message.

Create Slideshows and Photo Galleries

Get ready with some handy information that quickly conveys your message to your audience. Come up with infographics to show top trends. Yes, you can use the data from famous research agencies on your site or page and give credit to them.

You don’t have to indulge in researching and investing so much money in that. It’s better to use already published information collected by top research firms. To give it a unique twist, you can think of new ways to present the same information.

Got hundreds of images? Create slideshows or photo galleries and support them with small pieces of content. This is equivalent to great brochures. The difference is slideshows can be created easily and quickly, without any investment.

Pair up visual materials with small text pieces to give precise info. When a picture is worth thousand words, imagine what a photo gallery, infographics, slideshow or a collage would speak about you.

Compare Old with New/ Previous with Latest

This is what most people are interested in. They constantly look for comparisons between two things – old and new, previous and latest. Spend time in furnishing your audience with correct comparisons and spin fresh opinions and viewpoints from prior observations.

When you compare two objects, products, services or anything else, you are making things easier for your audience. And when you offer genuine information easily, they will keep coming back to you. Be a reference stop for your audience and establish a readership.

Create an eBook

Don’t you think backing up your new product or service with a short eBook will be more helpful for your audience? Create digestible PDF files that can be easily read on computers as well as mobile devices and float them at various places where you connect with your audience.

Keep it short and simple and compile the information in such a way that is eye catching, easily readable and drives public interest.

With all this, don’t run away from upgrading and revising the previous content. In addition, make things searchable for your audience, so that they keep coming back to you when they need to access quick information.

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