How to find content for content marketing?

More than half of the businesses find it difficult to produce enough content for their content marketing campaigns. No matter what they do, how much they invest and how many resources they deploy, the produced content never seems sufficient. Even if they somehow are able to produce adequate content, it isn’t sufficient to generate desired response.

So, producing enough content is not the only problem that businesses are facing nowadays but maximizing its effectiveness is also a major challenge. Here I’ve compiled a list of few steps that you may consider taking to address the content deficit as well as yield optimal results by improving the efficiency of your content.

Addressing Content Deficit

Content Reuse

It is not necessary that you have to churn out new content every time for each platform. You can customize the existing content for each platform and re-publish it. However, it needs a thorough planning, in advance, helping you produce different content around the same theme or topic. Cross-promoting the content on different channels can help you extend its usability.

1. Slicing and Dicing the Existing Content

A smart way to reuse the content is to slice and dice the existing content in smaller chunks and present it differently. At some platforms, you can publish the informational part of it whereas at other places you can publish it with images or in the form of a video.

2. Make Use of Infographics

Present the existing info in the form of graphs, conversations, photographs or videos on platforms such as Pinterest. Make ample use of infographics because it’s not only readers who like visuals but search engines also show keen interest in them.

3. Rename the Title

Why don’t you consider renaming the title with a different keyword while making minor changes in the content? You can include sub-headings, personal opinions or some research element to make it look different and fresh.

4. Reuse the Content for Mobile Platforms

Regardless of the type of content you’re producing for the internet, you can reuse the same content for mobile platforms. Optimize it for a variety of mobile devices including tablets and smart phones. The idea is to make the content as user-friendly as possible.

Responsive web design is the new technique that makes a single website optimized for all possible browsing devices regardless of their screen sizes. It adapts the web layout and content according to the device and the size of its screen.

5. Use the Best Content

Over a period of time when you evaluate the results, you know what your best content is. Use it for mobile platforms and offer quick information to your readers.

6. Post the Content on Relevant Social Networks

In order to maximize the results, you should customize your content according to the social media network you use. As most users remain active on social networks from their mobile devices, it’s important to optimize your social media page for mobile devices.

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