Check out these14 Popular Widgets For Bloggers

What are widgets?

Widgets are a set of HTML codes that can be utilized to add some flare to the blogs.  The use of widgets enhances the look and feel your blogs or websites.  The reason why we use widgets to our sites is to increase web experiences such as user experiences.

Widgets are the easiest way to enhance the usability purposes of a website or blog whether it’s the need to display date and time on the site or any updates from around the web.

Widgets are being described in various terms such as gadgets, badges, capsules, apps, snippets, and flakes.  These are the ready-made options for even non-technical online entrepreneurs.  The highly recommended part is to don’t overuse it.

Here is a list of 14 popular widgets and gadgets for blogger.

1.  Mashable:  This widget helps you to get the latest social media news or any related news directly from this very site.

2.  LinkedInABox:  This is one of the most popular widgets for blogger that allows you to add and show off your LinkedIn profile directly to your blog readers.

3.  WhoLinked:  You can show your visitors the current stat on who is linking to your blog site.

4.  FeedCount:  This widget allows you to show off the number of visitors to your blog with just a handy little button.

5.  MyPageRank:  Google Page Rank is one of the great measurements of how big your blog is.  This is popular among high PR sites.  This widget allows blogger to display your blog’s Page Rank.

6.  BlinkxIt:  This widget is popular among bloggers because it allows you to put a link to related videos directly into your blogs.

7.  BuzzBoost:  This widget allows you to display headlines from your RSS feed on any website.

8.  Google Map Widget:  This widget allows you to display a searchable Google Map on your blog and website.

9.  Google Video Search:  This widget allows you to add a video search bar for end users to search either from the web or from your own site.

10.  Odeo player:  This very widget allows you to display an Odeo player or podcast on your blog or website.

11.  Flickr Badge:  This is one of the most popular widgets for blogger in terms of displaying your Flickr profile as well as your shared photos with a handy flash photo stream.

12.  Twitter Badge:  What you have twitted right now?  True, this widget allows you to show off your readers your recent tweets directly onto your blog.

13.  Daily Painters:  This widget allows you to show daily paintings from around the web world on your blog.

14.  Timelines:  This widget helps you create a timeline of your choice.  If you really need to create a timeline then this widget makes it really completely easy.

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