How to increase your website traffic?

To increase your website traffic – write, promote and build brand.


Write with a unique point of view.

Write more.

Give your total attention to the act of writing. Then post it with care.

Build an email list.

biG miNiaTURe wOrLd Photo by Sippanont Samchai

Send a welcome email to your list when they join.

Be in touch.

Listen to your customers. Ask them questions. Get them to take survey.

Write about what they want to read.

Use different style and formats in your writing.

Ask questions.

Increase speed of your website. Do what all you can do to improve it.

Create cornerstone content – something which helps user trust your website and gets them to comeback.

Love what you do.

Hire people to help you. Doing it alone takes time and does not work for most people.

Plan. Work. Work really hard.


Ask question – for which your customers are seeking a solution and give answer via your content.

Learn and implement analytics and invest more in what is working.

Be seen as an expert.

(This improves) your chances of being seen in media. When you are featured in media – people get curious and they come to your website.

Links to others. They will see – and not all but some will link to you.

Run ads. Use social discovery on StumbleUpon, and pick one or more advertising options on Facebook. Twitter is also selectively opening up its advertising platform. Use that if it makes sense.

Build a brand.

Do unique things. Try to make a world record. Such feats pulls audience to your brand your website.

See what Felix’s jump did for Redbull. It was an amazing feat of both human strength and digital marketing innovation. It create the world record for largest number of simultaneous users on a live-stream (8 million), and gained 400,000 news subscribers for its YouTube Channel. Here are some finer details.

Now some of you may say – that YouTube is not RedBull’s website. You are right – but it is a major brand property for them. Traffic came to RedBull brand channel – so one can say that traffic came to the right place.

Create social media presence. Build your community and share your work and product updates with them.

Whenever you post a new piece of content, or news about your product – post it there.

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