Visual Storytelling – Tell A Story From Behind The Scene

The simplest meaning of storytelling is to tell a story and the one who does this job is a storyteller.  Visual storytelling is a form of storytelling in which storyteller creates visual content to tell a story and the audience consumes it as it’s being happening right now.

Why visual storytelling is so important in your digital marketing?  What is telling a story from behind the scene?

No matter what a digital marketer does is all storytelling – from expressing a desire – to persuading someone.  Learn how to tell a great story from Seth Godin.

The forms of storytelling have been emerging gradually.  Previously, it was difficult to see how a movie has been directed, how a product has been created, or how we find America.

With advancements in technology, storytelling has taken a new height.  Modern technology facilitates you to reach a wider range of audience (worldwide).

It was also difficult to know the nature and interests of all your customers, and similarly, it was also difficult to tell a story which they want to listen.

Digital visual interface has been proved to be a great tool for visual storytelling.  Now, one can successfully present their story to a totally different segment of audience which never existed before.

One of the great examples of visual storytelling is “the making of a film” or “the making of discovery”.

Lead marketers are always looking for a new medium to tell their story because the story remains the same.

If you are selling hygienic foods, you will have to present how you’re making hygienic foods.  What are the processes you’re going through?  What are the steps and who are taking those responsibilities.

If you’re eating a burger at McDonald’s restaurant, you might be very happy to see a live video from inside the room where actually it is being made for you.  A segment of customers would like to learn and enjoy the process of making.

What digital marketers and bloggers should learn from the new form of visual storytelling?

A large number of digital marketers and bloggers are already practicing it and given the benefits they are continuously doing it.

A few years ago, Pat Flynn has done a great job introducing their niche site duel where he revealed exactly how he has planned a niche website and how he is able to make it successful.

The whole purposes of visual storytelling are ranging from the plan of product – to execution of product – to birth of product – to the marketing of product.

You can do visual storytelling in many ways such as taking photographs, creating infographics, creating videos, or live webinars.

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