2 Types Of Website Reviews

What does website review mean?  It is the perceived value of a website.

The purpose of website reviews vary from imperfectness – to perfectness – to usability – to profitability.

In digital world, there are 2 types of active people involved – one who creates different digital platforms and another who views those platforms – again, one who creates websites and another who views (read) websites.

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Again, the purpose of website reviews are to bring correct information and appropriate suggestion towards a particular website for those two people.

Here are the 2 types of website reviews:

  • Website reviews for the webmasters (SEO purposes)
  • Website reviews for the viewers (usability purposes)

One of the frequently asked questions is should we do website reviews for web designers or web readers?

Website Reviews for the Webmasters

This kind of website reviews usually informs you some vital aspects regarding your website such as site’s performance, design, speed, SEO, content strategies, and linking strategies; and lastly the conversion.

Website review experts are primarily responsible for making:

  • Recommendations on website’s design and structure
  • Suggestions to improve website’s HTML code in order to increase speed and search engine visibility
  • Recommendations on up-to-date website’s optimization strategies to increase website rankings and organic traffic
  • Recommendations on content strategies and website’s navigation
  • Recommendations on the techniques to convert visitors into buyers or subscribers
  • Suggestions on the ongoing maintenance of website along with tips and tricks on increasing the performance of your website

Website Reviews for the Viewers

It is equally important for viewers to know what is being offered on a particular website.  This type of website reviews usually focuses on the choice of viewers, readers, or customers.

Review should go parallel according to the offers and services of a website.  The trick is to match the website’s offers with customers want.

Website review experts are primarily responsible for making:

  • Suggestions on the topic
  • Recommendations on the facts that website is offering
  • Recommendations on the facts what other websites are offering
  • Suggestions on choosing a correct website
  • Appropriate links to the website and their related web pages
  • Finally the suggestions and recommendations on what this site is all about

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