Top 5 Surefire Ways To Get Twitter Followers

Everyone who is using Twitter is willing to know how to get Twitter followers.

Why Twitter followers?  Have you asked yourself?

Definitely, it brings you lots of confidence and motivation.  The biggest motivation behind Twitter followers is traffic back to your blogs and websites.  As the followers grow, you start taking more engagement and interaction.

Many people do ask as “what to tweet” or “how do I tweet.”  See – What To Tweet – My First 50 Tweets For Your Inspiration.

But the question is why exactly people should or would follow you or similarly why you should follow others.  And even more complicated question – “is there any criteria based on which people follow you?”

In order to help you get rid of any trauma or hesitation towards using Twitter, as one of the most valuable digital marketing tools, below are my top 5 surefire ways to get twitter followers more and more on repeatedly basis:

1.  Add Profile picture:  Adding a profile picture is one of the most important tasks that anyone should consider doing first.  Mohit Pawar has a great yet funny opinion – “don’t left egg there.”  If your Twitter account has a great profile picture, people will trust you and thus will follow you.

2.  Create reasonable Twitter bio:  Twitter bio plays an important role though only a few followers would read, but definitely it’s a worth taking initiative.  Compile your complete bios with some interesting facts about you, so that people can follow for some reasons – give them reasons why to follow you.

3.  Tweet frequently:  No matter whether you have lots of followers or no followers, Twitter is a platform for Tweets.  If you are not making any tweet then why people will follow you?  I have started twitting from the very first day (at that point in time there were no followers at all for me).  See my first 50 Tweets for Inspiration and Motivation.  This will definitely increase your followers on Twitter.

4.  Start Following others:  Most of the time people just get hesitate following others.  They might be thinking that it would reduce their online reputation.  But the fact is different, this way you get some back followers too.  Following others in advance really makes sense and is a great way to get followers on Twitter.  Just take one step ahead and follow me at

5.  Start interacting with other people:  This is the final yet powerful ways to get lots of followers on Twitter.  How to interact on Twitter?  There are some ways to do this such as – reply when someone follows you by using their @username (such as @nmdjha) to contact them directly and retweet their tweets.

Hope this helps you getting some more followers overtime.

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