How to find popular blog topics in 2013

So you are looking for popular blog topics?

And, why are you looking for that?

May be you want to create content based on these topics.

As you read further you will see how to find popular blog topics.

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But first a back-story with some logic – if you want to write a blog post which will be read by many – you should write content – which has info that people are looking for.

You do not need to be a genius to know that – not many people are looking for – “gourmet food delivery for pets”. [Just to verify I looked up that not a single search for that term (as per Google Keyword Tool) but there are around 6,600 monthly searches for “pet food delivery”.

So popular topics are the topics which people ask questions about (in their mind) and then searching for it.

With this in mind – here is a list of potentially popular blog topics, a mix of diverse topics that you can write about – irrespective of your industry.

1. Definition of _______________________

You can fill in the name of your industry term or theme in the space provided above. These posts work because whatever the industry people want to know about makes

If you are a creative like Heidi Cohen – you can crowd different definitions by experts in your industry, like Heidi did for social media.

2. How to posts

How to posts are evergreen posts that work. To make them work better just give tons of value in your posts.

If you are promoting a product write about how that product works, give step by step info on how to use with pictures and screenshots.

3. Top people (replace people name with professions like designers, architects, CEOs etc..) in ________________

Insert name of your industry or niche in the blank.

These kind of posts are good to get the attention of influencers.

They also good for worth of mouth publicity.

For example when you feature a professional in your industry in a top list – it is likely that they will link to it or tweet it. They can even put it on their resume.

4. Interview with ___________________

You can interview top influencers or better one of your potential customer – it will get you both traffic and recognition.

5. How to grow a business

This is a topic that is simple to write about and can be adapted to any industry by adding an industry term. You can play smart by keeping this term intact – and adding your industry name in the end.

Example – How to grow a business an a marketing consultant/architect/personal trainer

6. Tips for professional growth

You can write a post about – tips for professional growth (as a ………….)

More (on) popular topics

To create blog posts that have the potential to become popular (liked and shared) – you need to carefully select blog topics that are searched and related to needs of your target audience.

So when you plan your blog posts – think about what your customer may be thinking about – what challenges they may be facing. To validate you thinking just check the search volume for these topics (keywords) using a free tool like Google Keyword Tool.

Good. Now go do it.

For any query related to this you know where to reach me. Here 🙂

(Update with inputs from editor 23/02/2013)

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