10 pages you should consider adding to your blog today

So you started a blog and have few posts (new articles) up.

This is the time when you should consider adding few core pages on your blog.

When a new user lands on you website – through search or any other source, these pages helps let user know more about you and offer ways to connect with you – in addition to laying out basic guidelines.

1.  About Page

Once a reader lands on your blog. She wants to know who is behind this blog. An about page is often most visited page on any website after homepage; because as human beings we always want to find human connection and about page looks like a good starting point for that connection.

If you create a good about page – where you appeal to users interest – then chances of a new visitor becoming a repeat visitor are more.

An about page – is a good place to build trust and create relationships.

2. Contact Page

Contact page is essential in regards if your reader is willing to contact you.  Most readers are smarter than most bloggers.  You shouldn’t hide your contact information.  This gives your blog a different dimension where relationship goes strong, client base goes strong, and thus sales volume goes strong.  It’s also important to maximize your contact page with maximum availability of your reach such as your mail address, email address, social media profile address, mobile number, etc.

3. FAQ Page

Like about page and contact page, FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is also very important as well as essential in most cases.  I simply wonder why a service provider such as “Affiliate Marketing Network” could not provide a magnificent FAQ page.  I personally wouldn’t like such blogs where it’s difficult to get all of my questions answered.

4. Privacy or Disclaimer Page

It is essential to include a page that could define it very well what you’re getting out of this blog.  It’s possible you’re making money out of your blog through either displaying some sort of advertisements or promoting affiliate products.  It adds trust in your reader base as well as World Wide Web.

5. Subscribe Page

Such as Newsletter Page in case you’re building an email list.  Having a subscribe page could be helpful to your readers in terms of how people can subscribe to your blog – from the very basic info such as how to subscribe and unsubscribe – to the benefits from your subscription.

6. Resource Page

A resource page can be utilized in many purposes such as providing links of great posts from your own blog or other blogs as well as providing links of essential tools, products, services, tutorials, ideas, etc.  People would like to know how you’re successfully able to do things and what tools and metrics you are using.

7. Service Page

If you’re helping your readers with any sort of feature services then you must include a static page right from your navigation that allows readers to know in-depth stories about your services.  You must state the cost associated with your service as well as the approximate of duration.

8. Archives Page

The more your blog grows the more difficult rises to find the best of your previous works.  That is where the archive page could help the most to your readers.  Archives page could be personalized with categories, dates, months, years, or even post and page titles.  By no means should you ignore the chance of increasing Page Views of your blog.

9. Advertise Page

If your blog is growing fast or already have grown to the level where you have some great subscribers and loyal readers then it would be beneficial to make more money out of customized advertising.  Advertisers are always looking for such features.  You should illustrate some advantages that advertisers could have such as number of visitors to your blog, the quality of visitors, time spent on your blog, bounce rate of your blog, and finally the spot with estimate pricing.

10. Guest Submission Page

Having a guest submission page is essential in terms of letting the engagement happens on your blog.  Let people do some sort of engagement themselves such as guest blogging, submit news, submit links, share what you like, share your creativity, describe what you do, etc.

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