How to create awesome list posts for traffic domination

List posts work.

They work in grabbing attention of your audience – and getting the attention is the first step in traffic domination.

Still have doubts?

For a moment imagine that you are looking for a new job. Now – which of these posts will you be more interested in checking out?

“5 proven ideas to get you a new job”


“Tips for job hunting”

You get it?

Cool. Now let us see how to create an awesome list post.

It can be awesome in many ways. It can be very entertaining or provide knowledge to educate. Better even it can even do both.

And of course, a list post got to start with a number. So after you have thought about your topic – you need to give it a number. You can say – 20 ideas, 25 tips, 20 influential bloggers on social media, etc.

Creating list posts is not easy. It can take days or even weeks of research.  But the result most often deserves the weeks of effort.

Here are some examples of list posts:

10 Types Of Pages To Consider On Your Blog Today

20 Digital Marketing Pinterest Boards For You To Follow

Check out these14 Popular Widgets For Bloggers

Top 15 Most Popular Blog Topics In 2013

6 Reasons a blog increases the likelihood of being found on the web

There are so many critical tasks associated with list posts such as adding links to whom you include in the list, adding relevant pictures, describing why they are in the list, as well as what are the influential parts.

From the decades, list posts proved to be the best in overall traffic domination through blog content.  Normally, you would be able to see some list posts on the first page of Google SERPs.  It has the tendency to get shared throughout social media sites on autopilot.

Bloggers feel very comfortable linking those list posts in their blog posts.  It opens the door to get viral.  Most list posts get back share by those to whom that list contains.  This means it’s possible that I will share your post also on my website if you include my website in your list post.

Creating Brilliant List Posts:

Promote Other People

It’s not about you.  This is an opportunity to promote others.  This is an opportunity to send traffic as well as subscribers to other bloggers.  This is an opportunity to shine a light on people who truly deserves.  Your own readers love and respect for it.

In return, people will promote you also.  In return, other people will also recommend you on their own blogs.  The result is obvious and that is more traffic.  One of the best tips to get more traffic is to promote others first and wait for others to promote you.

Avoid “Big A” Personalities

Through “A” personality I’m referring to those who are already listed so many times in the past.  I do not say it’s wrong, I say just to avoid it.  The simple arguments I could have that your readers might already know these “A personalities” so no point they will read it again.

Bring on-board those are not known but have great potential to be on the list.  Why not to include your students in those list posts?  Why not to include those who have just started their blogging journey?  Roundup with a new information and make sure it’s a rare piece of content is the biggest secret of creating a magnificent list post.

Go Massive List

People are lazy like me.  They don’t want to take an extra effort.  They just want to publish it as soon as possible and as quick as possible.  Somewhere in the mind it happens that why not to create two smaller list posts instead of one longer list post.

The time has gone of the smaller lists post.  No point again writing 10 tips or 20 ideas, instead write 100 tips or 200 ideas.

Make Sure It’s A Database

The beautiful thing behind list posts is that it seems like a database of something.  Database means already researched and already personalized and customized resource.  Most readers feel relaxed and quiet instantly after founding these kinds of posts.

Great list posts are usually compiled with things that are well researched, well transcribed, well structured, well customized, well linked, and well defined.

Characteristics Of Viral List Posts

An example of viral list post is – “100 college students that have subscribed to learn blogging today.”  Yeh! This post has not been published anywhere yet.  You can write a list post entitled above.  I would like to write this post too.

Viral list posts characteristics include but not limited to – massive, enormous, inspirational, most, best, world’s most popular, the ultimate guide, powerful, great, richest, and reasons, and true magnificent also.

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