How Important Is Keyword Relevancy

How important is Keyword Relevancy in your domain name, website name, title, description, tags, categories, web pages, web content, and so on?

By simple means, it’s very much important for search engines to reflect SERPs with websites that contain relevant keywords.  I see not only the increasing evidence of the importance of keyword relevancy in SERPs but also the primary reason to categorize a website as an authority website.

Major search engines always consider promoting sites that are showing keyword relevance.  In the past having keywords in title or somewhere in body content seemed enough to rank higher, but as the search engine changes their algorithms, it seems keyword relevancy is going to be one of the major ranking factors.

Keyword Relevancy Tool

Although there are a lot of keyword relevancy tools and keyword suggestion tools are available, but the most effective tool is Google Keyword Tool.

The idea behind finding relevant keywords is to look the maximum potential suggested keyword phrase for a particular website theme or blog topic.

For example, a digital marketing website must features content with keyword phrases like online marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, blogging, SEO, etc.

Google instant or autosuggestion tool is one of the most popular keyword relevancy tools.  It gives you a list of all different keyword phrases that are most relevant.

Keyword Relevancy to Page Content

Keyword relevancy does not mean integrating all relevant keywords into every page.  Every single page should focus online one keyword at a time because this way you’re increasing your website’s keyword relevancy scores.

There are other parameters also to check for keyword relevancy to page content which include keyword density into page content, variations of keyword phrase, which paragraphs contain exact keyword phrase; and other prominent factors such as keyword underlining, keyword italicizing, and keyword bolding.

5 tips to increase keyword relevancy score:

  • add keyword phrase prominently into domain name (in case building a new website)
  • add keyword phrase prominently into webpage’s URL and webpage’s title
  • integrate keyword phrase into body content loudly (as it normally comes)
  • add keyword phrase into different header tags such as H1, H2, and H3
  • use semantics, synonyms, and other relevant terms for the same keyword phrase throughout the web page content

Keyword Relevancy Report

Search engines are not your target audience, so create a website for human beings.  Only human beings can convert your effort into money.

What would happen when your site is ranking on top and getting tons of traffic, but no conversion?

No conversion simply proves that your site is not relevant yet, although you are getting the attention of search engines like Google.

But, at the same time, getting the attention of search engine is even more important because only when you would be able to make a communication between your business and your customers.

Without communication (meeting with prospects or clients), you can’t imagine any conversion.

So, the primary goal of SEO is to obtain search engine traffic, and that is possible only when, your site represents the highest value of keyword relevancy.

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